Silly fuckers

There is an interesting fact about sunflowers, don’t know if you know this or not, but you know the way that they they follow the sun across the sky? Well imagine a sunflower grown above the Arctic circle (or below the sub-arctic circle) where the sun refuses to go down for three whole months at a time. The poor little things follow the sun round and round in pathetic little circles until they actually twist their own heads off.

Damn, life can be funny at times.

5 responses

  1. That would be cool to film on stop motion!

    12.06.04 at 21.51

    • that’s brilliant – i wonder if anyone ever has – i’m gonna go look

      12.06.04 at 22.03

      • Do they hactually grow there? (temperature, etc etc) If you do, lemme know, would like to see that! x

        12.06.05 at 07.38

        • they have to grow them in greenhouses – i googled “sunflowers artic circle” and i came out on top !

          12.06.05 at 10.18

          • So you do! I typed the same and added ‘twist head off’ – nothin useful. I may have to make this video. I need to start saving for air fare – and thermals! 😉 x

            12.06.05 at 10.28

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