The Girl at ‘Make everything OK’

The girl at was worn out.Everytime someone pressed that bloody button she had to get up and make everything OK for them. Sometimes it took ages; some of these people were real fuck-ups. “They could at least get in a temp to help.” she thought. And it was nearly Xmas too! You’d think people would be happier, but no. Click, click click went the world, make everything OK, and she did, make everything OK, for everybody, until she had had enough.

The girl at picked up her heavy office chair and smashed it, with all her might, into the ‘Make everything OK’ button. It burst into a million pieces and sparked and crackled as its wires fused. “Make that fucking OK!” she spat into the security guard’s face as she stormed from the tall glass and steel building.

Without the ‘Make everything OK’ button, the world went to pieces very quickly: within days world war three was in full swing, and starvation and disease had reached all time highs.

Everyone was very pleased to see the the girl at when she came back.

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