Balance your happiness with your sadness

be friends with sadness
enjoy your tears
crying is like laughing but for deep people
crying is like pooing, its only painfull if you don’t do it regularly
i love sad stories, like romeo and whatsherface. somehow sad stories
say more about us
fiction should move us and change us and sad endings affect us more
deeply than happy ones, somehow they are just bigger stories that

when i write, i try to kill as many characters as possible (buggers you
up for the possibilty of a sequel though)
stories are symbols and fictional violence and death symbolise our
own everyday hurts and endings
embrace your sadness, it makes us as human as our happiness does,
maybe more so.
what other animal laughs or cries?
cry as much as you laugh – balance your soul that way

lee hall had this beautiful thing to say about it in the opening of  ‘spoonface steinberg’

4 responses

  1. I love the way you write, cool 🙂

    12.01.28 at 17.49

    • thank you elsie

      12.01.28 at 19.04

  2. Anonymous

    cry as much as you laugh ; my cheeks explode daily
    so crying that much would at least help fluid retention!

    12.01.09 at 10.34

    • lovely response – made me smile – so now have to redress that balance – damn you 🙂

      12.01.09 at 13.44

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