Versatile Blogger Awards

It seems I missed the point of the versatile blogger award thingy… I need to write seven things about myself and nominate 15-20 other bloggers. This will be difficult as there are only six things I know about myself and every blog I follow is too good not to nominate.

Ok, seven things about me:

  1. I have a tiny penis.
  2. I have not had a drink in nearly five years.
  3. I do not support Arsenal.
  4. I have a thing for Australian women.
  5. They do not have a thing for me.
  6. I like sad stories
  7. I do not know seven things about myself

Here are my nominees for the versatile blogger award – in no particular order .

9 responses

  1. Congrats on receiving this ward. From what I see, you have a very nice blog. Congrats to all the new winners of this award as well

    12.01.23 at 06.24

  2. Thank you for my nomination, I have added you blog to my versatile blogger award post. It’s really quite very nice of you to nominate me!

    Congratulations for you nomination.

    12.01.22 at 15.19

    • you were my first choice, as i think you can see – adore your blog 🙂

      12.01.22 at 19.48

      • I did notice, but seem you’d said they were in no paricular order…. but now you’ve made me smile, thank you for adoring my blog!

        I love your 14 things.

        12.01.22 at 19.58

        • thank you – only 13 of them are actually true

          12.01.22 at 20.09

          • I will take it as number 7, as in you DO know seven things about yourself?

            12.01.22 at 22.31

            • ha! you are supposed to say number 1: that you don’t believe that i have a tiny penis… god, the male ego is such a fragile and pathetic thing, isn’t it?

              actually i know 11 things about myself but i have forgotten seven or eight of them and the others are factually incorrect

              thanks for your support and for making me smile too

              12.01.22 at 23.03

              • Well…. Obviously my first reaction was to say number one couldn’t be true, but then I thought if I did say that, and it is true, then that would just hurt your ego more! And I wouldn’t want to do that.

                12.01.22 at 23.13

                • now i feel bad for having lowered the tone of our conversation so – it does amuse me though, that men can be so insecure about something like that, and it is why i included it in my list – and, of course, if it was true, i would never have been so public about it.

                  it is one of the things i like about your work Laura, you provoke people to think differently – keep it up and keep in touch

                  12.01.23 at 00.43

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