Why we don’t need Facebook, but why I do

I spend most of my life on Farcebook, and being banned, even for a short time, prevented me from playing with a lot of my friends.

In a tiny way, I went through ‘the five stages of grief’:

  • denial: I tried instantly to message someone – the result was an automated message from fb threatening to bar me for longer if i tried it again
  • Anger: I decided never to go on Fartbook again
  • Bargaining: I tried to mail them – but you cannot
  • Depression: I really missed some of my friends and sulked around the house – I ended up doing the washing up and the hoovering
  • Acceptance: I finally understood that Facebook is not a piece of holy scripture, it is not the bloody constitution: its a social networking website – and nothing more

go get yourself banned from Fuckbook… I dare you.

2 responses

  1. artfulhelix

    If I may ask, what did you do to get banned?

    12.01.26 at 16.11

    • it was a very innocuous little cartoon, i thought, but it showed some nipple and apparently farcebook don’t like that – i’d posted it on several walls and so, by the time fartbook’s nipple detecting software got hold of me, i was already guilty of several offences – i have to say that i think the whole thing is laughable and fully intend to get barred again, next time though, it will be far more deliberate – someone had to ask 🙂

      12.01.26 at 19.13

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