thought this was very good and well worth reblogging

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  1. meeting a friend for coffee tomorrow – other than that, not really, i am self employed so weekends are pretty similar to weekdays – you?

    you know that by commenting here, you have entered the competition to win my soul?

    12.01.27 at 17.59

    • sorealtonight

      Just studying for classes and such. I work during the week days so not too much. Is it good that I’ve entered that competition? Ha!

      I hope you enjoy your coffee. That sounds good right now in our weather of 20 degrees F.

      12.01.27 at 20.58

      • thanks – it is about 35, 40F here, which is still quite chilly – what classes are you doing?

        you came runner up 🙂

        12.01.27 at 22.48

        • sorealtonight

          That sounds like a heat wave for hear! Just last Monday the windchill was -23F! Freezing!!!

          I’m taking Social Work and Spanish classes..

          Nothing wrong with runner up! 🙂

          12.01.27 at 23.16

  2. sorealtonight

    Thanks for the reblog! It means a lot. You have some great work yourself! Any plans for the weekend?

    12.01.27 at 17.55

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