Be my thousandth visitor and win my soul

Very soon now I will get my 1,000th visitor to this blog – i know that’s not very many but its not a very good blog. I am currently on 986 so there are only 14 to go and that should happen sometime later today I would reckon .

I would like to offer a prize to visitor number 1,000 but I am a poor writer and have nothing to give except my soul, so I am offering that as a prize.


To qualify to win my everlasting soul simply leave a comment on this or any other post and I will keep an eye on my stats and if you are the visitor with the comment soonest after the clock ticks over to 1,000 you will win my everlasting soul to do with whatever you please. Hopefully you will trample on it and abuse it but it is entirely up to you: plant it in the garden or keep it in a cupboard, hang it on a wall, whatever you want.

There will also be two runners up prizes for the 999th visitor and the 1,001st visitor plus one for the best comment. A choice between, having me writing a blog post on any subject they choose or, me being their online slave for a day.

A LITTLE ABOUT THE PRIZE: An eternal soul, with one, not very careful, owner – rather stained but sturdy and still in one piece.

NOTE: This competition is only open to those that follow this blog.

7 responses

  1. Great contest!!

    12.01.27 at 23.20

    • Thank you Maggie – shame you didn’t enter earlier you could have won – however you do qualify for a runner up prize, take your pick.

      12.01.27 at 23.28

  2. This is exciting. Have I won?

    12.01.27 at 19.55

    • yes pete – i think you have – the 1,000th visitor came and went without commenting, so by default my soul goes to you.
      i will present you with the certificate in my next blog
      ~ k )

      12.01.27 at 20.44

  3. Reblogged this on shawnmarie3367 and commented:
    I wish you happiness, joy, and laughter!!!

    12.01.27 at 17.15

  4. I’ve never owned a soul before, it might replace some of the pieces that are missing from mine! What do you think?!

    By the way, your blog is not a rubbish one.

    12.01.27 at 17.14

    • Thank you for saying that – 990 now – ten to go
      Yes, use it for spare parts, a great idea

      12.01.27 at 17.26

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