Today is beautiful

Today is beautiful.

The temperature is minus ridiculous degrees (Centigrade not Fahrenheit).

The sky is crystal and the wind  bites like a shoal of starved piranhas.

A daytime half-moon hangs like a ghost in the sky.

People hunch themselves up against the cold,

but it is the wrong approach;

you should open yourself up to it,

draw your shoulders back and lift your head.

It is only weather.

It was on a day like this exactly five years ago that my wife left me for my best friend.

I still miss him.

4 responses

  1. Very esquisite writing.. you have any pointers for a new aspiring poet?? 🙂

    12.02.04 at 08.54

    • thank you – not sure about pointers – er, just just write what you feel and don’t bother about the rules, eh?

      12.02.04 at 10.15

  2. Biting cold in so many ways. But you are right about confronting the cold instead of bending to it….weather, right? Nice ice post

    12.02.02 at 16.35

    • Thanks man – let’s embrace our weather! x

      12.02.02 at 17.10

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