Pictures of my dick

u leaving me?!!!
Monday, 11:46 PM

wot bit of *we are thru* didnt u get?
Monday, 11:47 PM

if u leave me ill post pics of ur dick all over the internet!!!
Monday, 11:47 PM

u cant!
Monday, 11:47 PM

try n stop me! the whole world will see how tiny it is LOL!!!
Monday, 11:49 PM

no i mean i knew u wud do that – im 1 step ahead of u – i posted 100s of pics of my dick on the internet last nite! hahahaha fuk u!
Monday, 11:50 PM

Thanks to Snarkysnatch for the idea.

16 responses

  1. wha-what? How could I resist this. No pics. Lame. (; I coulda sworn I’d been following you all the while. I’m ashamed. You are too cute to miss.

    12.10.07 at 18.48

  2. I laughed and laughed….

    12.03.31 at 19.34

  3. Probably more! haha

    12.03.18 at 12.35

    • 748 the last time i googled it. 🙂

      12.03.18 at 13.14

  4. Hahahaha….how I came upon your blog I don’t even know…but so glad I did. For the laughter it causes…..for the sensual stir. Yep…’s definitely good for my soul…thank you.

    12.03.10 at 14.55

    • i’m so glad you did though

      12.03.10 at 15.25

  5. snarkysnatch

    Hahaha! Just saw this now Snooks! Good stuff!!! I mean your dick photographs well. This writing piece ain’t bad either.

    12.02.22 at 19.09

    • you are far too kind – the secret is a good zoom lens 😉

      12.02.22 at 19.15

  6. veronicahaunanifitzhugh


    i am writing regarding the dick i saw advertised a hundred times on the internet last night…. how much would shipping to Charlottesville, Virginia, USA cost? ball park figures are fine.

    12.02.19 at 21.25

    • i’m not sure – i’m in london uk – do you want the dick mailed on its own or with the man attached?

      12.02.19 at 21.27

      • veronicahaunanifitzhugh

        attached man would be highly rewarded.

        12.02.19 at 21.59

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