Thank you

Thank you to everyone who follows me. I have a hard-on for each and every one of you (but especially you).

Thank you kailaishere for being my first follower.
Thank you Mira Jay for being my 100th follower.
Thank you to everyone who follows me for the amazing material you put out. Every day my mind gets blown by more than one of you.
Thank you, in alphabetical order to:
Dazzle Rebel
Deidra Alexander
Gabriela Vargas
Kana Tyler
Laura Davies
Maggie Mae
Pete Armetta 
Pete Denton 
for being amazing.

We live in an amazing world. A world where we can communicate across oceans and time zones with ease. The human race seems poised on the brink of destruction at just the same point that it stands on the brink of creating a truly global family – ain’t that always the way though?

One response

  1. artfulhelix

    And thank you for all the grate posts.

    12.02.18 at 19.58

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