Be careful what you ask for guys

the look on his face is a picture, as he realises. this wasn’t what he had in mind when he’d suggested a threesome!

“this is tom,” she says, “from work”

he had just assumed, when she said that she would ask a friend, that it would be a girl friend, and, to be fair to him, he is up for it and she closes her eyes and hums with pleasure at the feel of four hands caressing over and round and down her naked body

they are both a little timid at first but her moans of delight soon heats them up and she plays with their erections, rubs them against each other, kisses them

“kiss” she tells them and they do, gingerly at first but with a growing passion as she rubs their shafts up and down and against each other pressing their members together feeling them throb hotly, she imagines their cum mingling and dripping down over their lengths and through her fingers

“touch each other,” she whispers and they do, shivers run down her as she watches them play with each other and she kisses them both in turn and then both together

then, they enter her, front and back, and, all kneeling, she can feel their cocks meet inside her as they thrust inwards and upwards, she squeals with the delight, pulling them into her harder, whispering words of encouragement between deep breathy gasps.

they come together, the three of them, in long, loud, powerful waves, the men lifting her into the air with their arms and cocks and she squeezes with the walls of her pussy and her ass, feeling them pulse and squirt into her, almost fainting at her zenith

after, they lay in a heap and she kisses them both over and over

they shower, the three of them together, “i must have the cleanest tits on the planet” she thinks to herself, smiling

2 responses

  1. Geez!! That was excellent!!

    12.02.23 at 03.03

    • Oh, thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed it, it was a thrill to write.

      12.02.23 at 05.08

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