I feel cheap

I feel cheap just posting some You Tube Video (I mean, isn’t that what Farcebook is for?) but whenever I feel low, this clip just makes me fall in love with our ridiculous, silly, bizarre and loveable ape arses al over again.

I feel sorry for today’s youngsters a lot of the time, they have an uncertain and probably crappy future to look forward to – but look at the sheer pleasure in being alive they get from stuff like this – it thrills me – when I was young we took drugs to be cool, how much cooler are these chaps?

I know you’ve all seen this before but watch it again, watch it often.

I love it when they do the super mario shit and bounce off walls – i love that it has a plot – i love that you get to see what good mates they are and i love the music

Did I ever tell you how much I love you? Who? You, the one that’s reading this right now – if your not reading this, then fuck off!

18 responses

  1. artfulhelix

    Always good! I love these videos, makes me wish I could do it, it looks like fun doesn’t it.

    12.02.25 at 15.00

    • the youth today don’t look like having much of a world to look forward to – so yeah – and bloody good luck to them

      12.02.25 at 15.21

      • artfulhelix

        I know what you mean. This world jest gets worse by the day, and the US is on its way to getting bombed, if they don’t change their act, I keep telling my family I want to move to another country, some where safer more secluded. about two weeks ago I signed a petition against bombing a country, we will just get it in return. its sad.

        12.02.25 at 15.34

        • every empire has its ups and downs – we’ve seen the ups of ours – now its china’s turn – fair play to them, i say

          12.02.25 at 16.17

          • artfulhelix


            12.02.25 at 16.19

  2. Love it… cheers up my grumpy morning.

    12.02.25 at 09.15

  3. angela

    more super than super mario bros.

    12.02.25 at 03.58

  4. PAZ

    Holy fucking shits, these “free-running” parkour cats never cease to amaze me! I’ve seen dozens of these videos but not this one in particular. The editing with Mario toons is also good–adds the flavor. And hey, this may be a cheap post, but can I triple like it? :p

    12.02.25 at 03.39

  5. Thats Amazing, I wish i could do that!

    I wonder how that guy at the end got down??

    12.02.24 at 23.59

    • yeah. i like how the clip has a plot twist, guess we’ll never know

      12.02.25 at 00.05

  6. veronicahaunanifitzhugh

    are you feeling low?

    i am feeling neglected.

    12.02.24 at 23.45

    • i’ve been trying to call you

      12.02.25 at 00.01

      • veronicahaunanifitzhugh

        call me on my land line not my cell phone….

        12.02.25 at 00.05

  7. Bloody hell! That’s some serious acrobatics!

    And no no nooo, don’t post them on facebook. Post them here!

    This looks like so much fun! I wish I could jump like that and NOT break my ankles.

    12.02.24 at 23.43

    • i wish i’d been born at a time that i could do that – sadly when i was a kid all we could think of to do to rebel was get high – those boys are beautiful, aren’t they?

      12.02.25 at 00.03

      • Haha. I know what you mean. πŸ˜‰ Our generation isn’t COMPLETELY different, and I speak from experience. πŸ˜›

        Those boys truly are amazing. I wanna jump like that SO BAD! It just looks so free!

        12.02.25 at 00.06

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