Ok, now I’m warming to the ice cube theme.

it is hot – one of the hottest days of the year, if not the hottest, even the walls are sweating and we drip with it, but we have a bucket full of ice cubes.

we strip and start by cooling each others brows with the ice, it melts quickly, trickling down our faces in tiny, delicious, chills. we hold a cube between our mouths and let our lips melt it, kissing around it, biting at it.

i caress your neck with an ice cube in each hand, licking at the rivulets as they fall over your breasts. you run two, in long slow sweeps across my belly and smile as little shivers spread out across my body like ripples on a pond. then i take two fresh frozen cubes to your breasts, lingering on your nipples, the contrast between heat and cold is extreme and you gasp uncontrollably with it.

i place one in your belly button and hold you down until it melts; you make the most delightful noises. next, you hold one, fresh from the bucket, to the tip of my cock, which twitches uncontrollably with the sensation, so intense that it feels like electricity, like tiny lightning bolts shooting down its length. you rub it around in little circles and i struggle to keep still; it melts incredibly quickly. the next, you rub slowly up and down the length of my length, licking gently at the droplets of melt water, letting them cool your lips and tongue, listening to my moans of delight mingling with my squeals of shock.

my next starts on your belly button again, but now i slide it, ever so slowly, directly downwards, and you gulp in anticipation and squirm but you do not want me to stop, and i don’t. when the cold of the ice touches the heat of your clit there is almost a hissing sound, like a snowball being thrown into a bonfire, the contrast is so great and you scriggle (which is word i just made up and means ‘halfway between a scream and a giggle’). it melts almost instantly and i take another and pop it gently inside you and through your gasps you call me a bastard. i use my cock to slowly push it deeper into you. its cold wetness colliding with your hot wetness. it is almost unbearable and we both struggle to catch our breath as it goes deeper.

it is way too hot to fuck fast or furiously and our love making is slow and deep and when we cum we do it together in long close shudders and, like the ice cubes, we melt.

13 responses

  1. shivering sweatily

    13.06.10 at 12.07

  2. OOOH Ice! That’s so hot!

    12.04.24 at 21.15

    • ice? hot? brilliant
      glad you liked it

      12.04.24 at 21.22

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  4. TheOthers1

    Fun with ice cubes? I want to use that as a writing prompt! It could get steamy though. 😉

    12.02.27 at 15.02

    • I can’t wait to read that

      12.02.27 at 15.05

      • TheOthers1

        You probably won’t see it on my main site. I don’t want to scare people away.

        12.02.27 at 15.12

  5. Love the entire piece but especially the ending! “Like the ice cubes, we melt”

    12.02.27 at 14.25

    • Thanks, it was fun to write. Its amazing what pops into the imagination from an empty fridge

      12.02.27 at 14.27

      • *sigh* You really are incredible. I’ve got an empty fridge right now as well, and the only thing popping into my head is the fact that I’m so freakin’ hungry! x_x

        12.02.27 at 14.32

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