Metaphorically speaking of course

I’m a writer darling,
You can’t trust anything I say,
Like a magician
But not as clever,
But with a bigger cock.

18 responses

  1. It’s so true about not trusting anything a writer says.

    12.02.28 at 17.57

    • not sure i believe that

      12.02.28 at 20.27

      • twisting words and meanings is what writers do

        12.02.28 at 22.30

        • we pay a price for it though

          12.02.28 at 22.32

          • yes we do

            12.02.28 at 22.34

            • yes, somehow we lose part of ourselves and end up belonging to others

              12.02.28 at 22.37

  2. I like your metaphorical cock. #nohomo

    12.02.28 at 17.18

  3. Awwww, and I only came here from my inbox to say I’m glad it’s gone from being metaphorically small to big. But someone got here before me. (Now I too am being far far far too predictable).

    12.02.28 at 14.29

    • I’m glad you did come though – you have not blogged in far too long and have been missed – check back later, I’m going to bare my soul.

      12.02.28 at 14.41

    • TheOthers1

      We can be predictable together then.

      12.02.28 at 14.47

  4. TheOthers1

    So that last bit is just metaphorical?

    12.02.28 at 13.47

    • yes, of course, i have a tiny cock.

      12.02.28 at 13.49

      • TheOthers1

        I was referring to you not being clever. 🙂

        12.02.28 at 14.02

        • LOL
          shhh, but i have a tiny intelligence too.

          12.02.28 at 14.03

          • TheOthers1

            Your intelligence seems quite big to me. Maybe you’re showing it to the wrong people. (Okay, I’m done. Promise)

            12.02.28 at 14.05

            • LOL i hope you are not done – at least I can send unsolicited pictures of my tiny intelligence to women and not irritate them.

              12.02.28 at 14.40

              • TheOthers1

                Send away! I’m a big fan of intelligence in a man, no matter how tiny. What woman would get irritated by that? Not this one. Lol.

                12.02.28 at 14.46

                • ha – you are a star – sometimes i think my blog *is* nothing more than a metaphorical dick display LOL

                  12.02.28 at 15.16

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