A misunderstanding

Me  – 2 minutes ago
I love seeing your green dot pop up.

You  – about a minute ago
Here you go sweetie x
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Me  – just now
Er, that’s not what I meant, and that’s red, but thanks
I meant the green dot on FB that tells me you’re online LOL

4 responses

  1. it’s funny how so many people have the same conversation isn’t it?

    13.06.10 at 12.43

  2. Hello there! You’ve been nominated for the Creative Chaos award because of your originality and honesty. Go check it out on my blog so that you know what to do with your nomination. Woohooo!

    12.03.02 at 19.42

  3. You are featured AGAIN! How do you do that?
    Funny story BTW…

    12.03.02 at 15.30

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