it is 3,639 miles to my heart’s desire.
i would walk every one of them to be with her.
i would crawl every one of them,
on all fours,
over broken glass,
for a single kiss.

do i exagerate?
it would have to be two kisses.

the square root of 3,639 is 60.324124527

14 responses

  1. 3,639 as the aero flies. very romantic, mind soul and body. sounds like the real deal

    13.06.10 at 12.55

  2. Meghan

    Reblogged this on theurinaryolympics and commented:
    amazing, so so amazing. Thanks for posting

    12.03.05 at 23.22

  3. awww, I think you have an adorable soft side…you’re inspiration must be quite the lady!

    12.03.05 at 19.32

    • oh she is, we haven’t known each other long but she lights up my mind and soul and body

      12.03.05 at 19.35

      • Congrats, that’s truly amazing! can’t wait to find someone that does that to me!

        12.03.05 at 20.14

        • trust and you will – and probably not where or when you were expecting them
          remember, you deserve it

          12.03.05 at 20.15

  4. Gillian Colbert

    Nice …

    12.03.04 at 22.20

  5. ❤ this.

    12.03.04 at 16.53

  6. For a second I was wondering if you’d already finished that ‘disgusting’ piece you mentioned… I admit, I got excited.:P
    This is incredibly sweet. I love how you ended with the square root thing hehe

    12.03.04 at 16.21

    • thanks, working on the filth now but keep coming up with softer stuff, can’t help it, my mind has been taken over by something sweet and gentle lol

      12.03.04 at 16.25

      • I don’t write much in the way of erotica… but my mind does flip pretty quickly between sweet/sympathetic/butterflies and sunshine to dark/brooding/thoughtfulness and shadows and I can relate to how very little control we sometimes have over our own minds and creations. I actually kind of like that… most of the time:P

        12.03.04 at 16.37

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