The debauched tales of a broken heart

We decide to live out some of our darker fantasies. Through the roll of a di, we decide on one of yours.

You tie me to the bed, spread eagled, and play with me until I am just about to explode and then you stop. You attach clothes pegs to my nipples and leave and go out, leaving me there for hours in cold, dark, growing pain.

When you come back there is a man with you and you both undress and start to kiss. He has a much bigger cock than me. I beg you to remove the clips and you look at him and he says “No.” Then you straddle me on all fours, your face close to mine as he enters you from behind, making you gasp, and starts to fuck you. I cannot believe how much it hurts to see you with another man. You moan with delight and tell me how good it feels, how big he is, and I start to cry.

He is impressive and fucks you for ages without cumming but making you cum three times, thrusting himself into you, forcing the air from your lungs. Each time you cum you push your face closer to mine, letting me see just how good he makes you feel. I begin to sob and even though my heart is breaking, I feel shame and disgust at myself because I have an erection. You take hold of it and bring me close to orgasm again, stopping again at the vital moment, a wicked smile playing across your lips, leaving me twitching with frustration and sadness.

Just before he cums, he pulls out and shoots his thick white love all over your ass and back and thighs. Then you turn to face him, your rear in my face. He is stiff again almost immediately, and you take his cock in your mouth and have me lick his spunk off you. Again I feel the shame of self-hatred, realising that I am stiff, as the taste of him mingles with that of my own tears. The sound of you gagging on his size drills into my mind and soul like a fetid worm.

After, you climb off and he climbs on and fucks me. You watch, touching yourself, staring at him intently and you both cum together, your moans of pleasure accompanied by the sound of my sobs.

38 responses

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  2. I love this type of writing. It is what I call naked writing in that it bares our innermost beast, that small, depraved, slutty, oh my god what would the neighbors think type of writing so rarely seen in “proper” society. The naked soul. MORE, I beg you, more!

    12.03.30 at 07.44

    • then, seein’ as you asked so nice, i will. i’d like to se you have a go at ‘naked writing’ too.
      i was a woman’s internet sex slave for a while and she had me write the most depraved stuff i could think of, this was one, was another and i did a piece on castration that i still haven’t had the ball to publish yet (pun intended)
      thanks for commenting

      12.03.30 at 10.40

  3. That is like the ultimate punishment… what I didn doesn’t seem so harsh now 😉

    12.03.12 at 19.06

  4. junelikethemonth

    disturbingly erotic

    12.03.09 at 11.44

    • thank you – i was disturbed by how erotic i found it to write

      12.03.09 at 11.49

      • junelikethemonth

        i can imagine…but sometimes the things that are the hardest to write, are the ones that need to be written most…a catharsis of the soul, so to speak

        12.03.09 at 11.51

        • exactly and its interesting that these sort of posts seem to attract the most interest, whereas my fear was they would drive readers away

          12.03.09 at 11.54

          • junelikethemonth

            i’ve perused alot of your writing since kat turned me on to you,but this is by far my favorite…but then again, i do tend to like the dark and twisted 🙂

            12.03.09 at 11.56

            • you’ll like what’s coming soon then.

              12.03.09 at 12.02

  5. Strange when I think about this story if a woman wrote it … but that aside, That chick is mean and I’d love to slap her. You make me wonder about that guy though.

    12.03.06 at 23.06

    • in what way?

      12.03.06 at 23.08

      • “if a woman wrote it” or “wonder about the guy”?

        12.03.06 at 23.11

      • I think your question was about the guy – I feel for the hurt he feels, and if he is so hurt by her, he must have deep why is she hurt him? for her own ego, revenge, for their own sexual exploration? Maybe the guy tied up likes going through the emotions and does it for the “ride” ( which wasn’t really meant to hurt him then) or maybe his hurt feelings are unexpected… I’m fascinated by the psychology of it.

        12.03.06 at 23.24

        • i wrote it and i am a guy – she gets a kick from his pain and he gets a kick from her kick is how i saw it when i wrote it
          thanks for asking such an interesting question.

          12.03.07 at 03.45

  6. I want to say holy fuck. But there was nothing holy about that. And that’s FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!
    I see I’ll have to create a new rating system just for your blog posts.
    This one is better than the sound of a classic car engine. 😀

    12.03.05 at 18.05

    • thank you so much – praise indeed – and to think i wasn’t sure whether to post this or not – thank you

      12.03.05 at 18.11

      • Always post. Forever post. There is no reason not to post.
        Your writing really kind of sets my mind on fire.

        12.03.05 at 18.18

        • i worried that people would think i was sick
          so thanks for your wonderful words, they are music to my ears

          12.03.05 at 18.19

          • It takes courage to delve into the depths of your mind and pull what you find there out to be observed by others.
            I think it’s brilliant and powerful that you’re doing this and hope you continue.

            12.03.05 at 19.29

        • I’m with Dahlia here. ALWAYS post! You have such intensity, and your stories grasp people… Don’t deny us!

          12.03.06 at 04.14

          • thank you
            i won’t then

            12.03.06 at 10.19

  7. I want to write you something accurate but I am all jumbled up now.
    Thank you for sharing it.

    12.03.05 at 08.18

    • thank you for reading it

      12.03.05 at 11.36

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  9. Gillian Colbert

    This was gut-wrenching to read, I’m moved to tears

    12.03.05 at 02.28

    • wow, thanks, i wasn’t sure whether to post it or not, so, really, thanks

      12.03.05 at 02.57

  10. One word. WOW.

    12.03.05 at 00.38

    • taking that as a compliment

      12.03.05 at 03.06

      • Yes. DEFINITELY a compliment.

        12.03.05 at 03.07

        • i was wondering whether to do more dark shit like this – seems from this kinda reaction that i will have to dig even deeper into my soul and imagination.

          12.03.05 at 03.10

          • Yes. Do it! I think you’d be GREAT at it. I’d LOVE to read more.

            12.03.05 at 03.13

            • done and done then

              12.03.05 at 03.21

  11. I’m proud of you… for what it’s worth.

    12.03.04 at 23.54

    • its worth a lot

      12.03.04 at 23.59

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