You make me come words

I don’t need to touch myself, I only need to think of you, and words well up from my heart and shoot stickily into the air, dribbling down the sides of my throbbing soul.

I only need to hear your voice and words squirt from my mind and splatter onto the page.

I want you to watch me write, to see me type, phrases trickling down my chin.

I want to cover you with my sentences, drench your breasts with my paragraphs, fill your depths with hot viscous chapters of my sweet filth. Swallow, don’t spit my salty clauses, and let me lick my verses from your belly.

You make me cum, all wanky and spunky, sure, but what really thrills me about you is the way you make me come words.

20 responses

  1. no need to repeat….but still true. inspiration is the thing

    13.06.10 at 13.01

  2. Gillian Colbert

    Well done, I love the metaphor and the visual too.

    12.03.06 at 02.43

    • wow – thanks. any time you want to visualise my metaphor, just say

      12.03.06 at 03.02

      • Gillian Colbert

        🙂 … LOL

        12.03.06 at 03.07

  3. Wow, this is incredible. My favorite piece so far.

    12.03.06 at 00.37

  4. This is amazing! The strength of the title alone is an attention grabber. Nice work sir.

    12.03.05 at 20.01

    • cheers m’dear

      12.03.05 at 20.08

  5. Fucking awesome Kyle. “Swallow, don’t spit my salty clauses, and let me lick my verses from your belly” — inspiring. The whole thing. Excellent!

    12.03.05 at 12.36

    • why, thank you darlin – it just came to me 😉

      12.03.05 at 12.53

  6. Whoa.. Damn innovative! 😛

    12.03.05 at 11.55

    • thank you sweetie – s’all a matter of having the right inspiration

      12.03.05 at 11.58

  7. drreamstr

    I like it

    12.03.05 at 11.50

    • thank you

      12.03.05 at 11.51

      • drreamstr

        no problem

        12.03.05 at 11.57

  8. Quite clever dude. 🙂

    12.03.05 at 11.48

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