Remote sex

we hold hands across an ocean,
kissing with our words alone,
licking each others naked bodies with our minds.
our words excite like deep wet fingers.
letters of the alphabet make us come.
our voices mingled,
our texts exploding with lustful punctuation
a single sylable will make me stiff.
a word alone can make you wet.
our orgasms a dictionary of delight.

13 responses

  1. inspired

    13.06.10 at 13.12

  2. Kyle, your creativity is inspiring.

    12.03.08 at 11.36

    • thank you, you are too kind

      12.03.08 at 11.50

  3. I love this poem…I wish I had written it! Do you think words are so powerful to everyone? Or are we just lucky?

    12.03.08 at 04.41

    • Thank you, that is sweet. I think we are lucky and that a lot of people do not get the power of words.

      12.03.08 at 06.12

  4. Delightfully said … was that one of those that just comes out of you easily?

    12.03.08 at 01.21

    • Thank you. Yes this one came easily.

      12.03.08 at 06.10

  5. That’s crazy powerful! Nice!

    12.03.08 at 00.21

  6. TheOthers1

    Very nice. Just reinforces how sexy words can be.

    12.03.07 at 21.04

  7. Gillian Colbert

    I love the metaphors you use … mingling sex and writing … lovely

    12.03.07 at 20.40

    • thank you – words are just sooo damn sexy

      12.03.07 at 20.46

      • Gillian Colbert

        Aren’t they!

        12.03.07 at 20.47

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