Fuck International Women’s Day!

Now, before you click ‘unfollow’ or start to hurl abuse, hear me out.

Isn’t there something wrong with our societies if we need to remind ourselves to celebrate our respect, appreciation and love of women, and then, only for a single bloody day? Aren’t women’s economic, political and social achievements something we should celebrate every day?

Only in a man’s world would there be such a thing as a women’s day.

I think this century will belong to women, I think it should, I hope it does, and all those that follow. If this carries on being a man’s world for much longer, then we are fucked. We have had our go and we have literally cocked things up. We live on a planet that is dying and where the threat of terrorism and nuclear armageddon loom over us like retarded demons. Our economies are falling apart, leaving a wake of poverty and misery and all because of nothing more than pointless macho competitiveness and greed. Wake up and smell the pollution boys, its time for someone else to take the wheel.

Women make better bosses, they understand people better and as a result make better politicians (except for the witch Thatcher, may she rot in hell). Its about time women had a go at running the world, there would be fewer wars, I’m sure, and the place would probably smell a whole lot nicer, and maybe science would be less about exploring outer space and more about solving the problems we have here on Mother Earth (note how we never call it Father Earth).

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a man, I adore it, and in any kind of world, I would have it no other way, but its true what they say, ‘men never grow up’, our toys just get more expensive. Maybe that’s what I love about being a man, I don’t know, I just think a women’s world would be a better, kinder, more understanding place than this man’s one.

Some of you will of course say that the responsibility for our planet should be shared equally, but I don’t agree. For me there is one compelling argument why women should take the reins of our ailing planet: it would mean that me, and other men, would be able to spend a lot more time playing with our dicks and our playstations.

Sorry for ranting, not normally my thing, normal smutty pointlessness will be resumed as soon as possible, and BTW thanks to JS for reminding me.

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  1. DiscoFLAVA

    One of the stupidest fucking things I’ve ever read.
    Thank you

    15.06.21 at 05.28

  2. The Dude

    Waaaaa waaaaa waaaa. If you deserve respect stop saying that you do while demanding it in a class action type of way. Take the reins and SHOW you deserve respect. I don’t think much of anybody until they show they are worth my respect and trust because neither men, nor women, nor any race deserves my respect right off the back aside from basic common professional courtesy. Women nor men deserve anything because the class is too big. We do however need to work on this on a case by case basis. Let your actions speak for themselves. Give women a chance if they seem to be the best option for the task. Give men a chance if they seem to be the best option for the task. If the woman fails, go to the next best option. If the man fails, go to the next best option. Blindly stating we need to let women take the wheel of our planet and society is absurd. Men and women think differently and with combined opinions men and women working together bring out the best solutions and outcome while addressing most endeavors because men think of things women wouldn’t immediately and vise versa for women. If the day so arrises that a woman is the best choice for every position of power in this world, yes, let women rule this next century. Until then, let it be a joint venture (whoever is best for the job).

    14.03.08 at 20.12

  3. Dudeman

    So grow some balls and be a man. I’m mot trying to be mean but the world needs men, real men, not guys who jack off and play video games all day. Guys who take lead, which is what many girls find attractive btw. Go out and are adventurous and alpha male. De masculinization is the governments plan to keep men from being powerful. So do Yourself a favor and be a man, otherwise you are just a product of what the government has created.

    14.03.08 at 12.22

  4. Dudeman

    You fucking idiot. Men are naturallly meant to run things not be manginas. Women need men to be men. And if you you anything about history you would know feminism came from factory work. Invented as operation mocking bird to keep men and women apart. This way more money for the government, instead of one family owning a single toaster now a man and a women who are seperate own a individual toasters or individual cars. Without couples means more single people demanding more products.

    14.03.08 at 12.16

  5. tamerlame

    We live in a female dominated society. IT is time that women shut up and stopped making everything about themselves.

    Why not make a end baby murder day? 98% of babies killed are done so by females. We need a day to remember all those babies thrown in the dumpster!

    14.03.07 at 11.12

    • can’t say i agree with your first comment but thank you for your input

      14.03.08 at 09.30

  6. Anonymous

    You sir are a Total Mangina

    13.11.25 at 14.43

    • why, thank you – did you think that up all by yourself?

      14.03.08 at 09.29

  7. Hmmm…interesting perspective and you raise some valid points. One statement I will have to challenge you on though: ‘women make better bosses’…I couldn’t disagree more. I’m yet to meet a woman in a leadership role who can create a stable dynamic in her team. There’s so much unspoken bullshit you have to factor in when working for a woman. If I’m applying for a job and I find out the boss is female my first reaction is ‘ugh’ and my second is ‘do I want the job THAT badly?’ Harsh words I know, but this is speaking from first-hand experience. I find with male bosses you know exactly where you stand and exactly what’s expected of you…..no wondering what kind of day he might be having, or if this conversation might affect the question you want to ask them about next week which is totally unrelated….

    Catch my drift?

    13.03.30 at 05.00

    • you make a good point madame – in my experience women have more emotional intelligence and that helps a lot when it comes to being a boss 🙂

      13.03.30 at 08.13

      • Interesting, I have found the opposite…..perhaps this argument isn’t gender related at all?

        13.03.31 at 22.35

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for coming to the defense of over half of the worlds population (or of female bosses), It seems only rudimentary. I am a woman and i am a BOSS (thank you very much!) One day out of the year to celebrate that out of 365 days of “male” seems hardly fair. More men like you please!

        13.05.26 at 16.00

        • thank you very much, you are more than welcome

          13.05.26 at 16.14

    • tamerlame

      Females turn on each other all the time. There was that women who set up a female only TV company, She went bankrupt due to female infighting.

      Sexist company boss still didn’t understand why what she did was sexist, even though it blew up in her sexist face! lol

      Doing a man out of job to make way for a women in unfair. A man was not keeping a woman out of the workplace, he was providing for her. When the workplace was made safe women wanted in! They complain about the unfairness and men where made to barge out the way. Men are naturally emotionally submissive to women so they gave in without fighting for their interests.

      The point is this. Women have not stopped practising their gender roles. The romantic gender roles that they enforce as the price of relationship are those of the protector provider. Women deselect lower status men. A women without a job can still get supported. A man without a job is underclass trash to a woman’s eyes.

      Pay gap is purely due to men working longer hours.

      Women play both gender roles, they can be empowered and independent or they can leech off a man. Most women do a bit of both.

      14.03.08 at 12.46

  8. I’m not that keen on women bosses. I don’t like bosses of any kind, but I don’t think women make particularly good high level organisers..or maybe that’s just my bias. Maybe it’s that we’re still trying to put on the cloak of authority that men have shaped.

    12.10.25 at 06.00

  9. individuals are individuals–when we mention specific politicians, etc…but i would agree that as a general premise, women do not possess the levels of testosterone that drive men to dominate and go to war; women’s hormones predispose us to collaboration and peace on a general level; that is biology. and yes, we would not need a woman’s day if there were anything resembling equality–this is your point….regardless of “girl fights” and holes that others may see in your argument, kyle, you are correct on more points than one. you might be entertained and equally disturbed by the book “The Gate to Women’s Country” by Sheri Tepper, written in the 80’s, minus one odd reference to homosexuality as a disease (which the author did not agree to including) this author envisioned a women-run world. the ending has a twist, not unlike many of your poems, that i think will appeal to your sense of irony….and do please keep enjoying your toys… 😉

    12.09.05 at 13.53

    • sounds like a must read – i will check it out – thanks

      12.09.05 at 17.09

    • tamerlame

      We live in a female run world. Do you know what the front man fallacy is?

      Being provided for, having higher social value, having extra protection from society, having near complete control of the family unit. Most men are emotional slaves to women.

      14.03.08 at 16.20

  10. Men certainly did do a number on things (and not the fun kind). And I agree with your premise. It seems that only “minority” groups have specific dates for appreciation. There is Black History Month and Gay Pride month, but if there were a White History Month or Straight Pride Month, there would be a public outcry.

    However, if women were completely in charge… I’d want to check out of this world in a hurry. Have you ever seen women fight? If two men get into a brawl, I grab a beer, cheer, and if one of my friends in on it and losing… I help the poor bastard and then deny any association with him. If two women get into — I run for my life… to the Presidential Bunker.

    The only fatal flaw I can see in your argument is that if women WERE in charge (thus allowing men more time to play with your dicks) WOMEN would no longer have time to play with your dicks… a travesty which I am unwilling to endure.

    12.08.31 at 20.14

    • like most things, i didn’t really think this through, and the argument is full of holes – thanks for reading anyway lol

      12.08.31 at 20.30

    • PAZ

      “WOMEN would no longer have time to play with your dicks… a travesty which I am unwilling to endure.” Very good point. I thought about that too. But maybe women would play with your dicks more eagerly if they didn’t play with them so often. Perhaps. It’s one of many question…

      12.09.03 at 09.47

      • and a question that deserves proper research – may i volunteer myself for and studies you might be considering into the subject?

        12.09.03 at 10.39

    • Lol!

      13.03.31 at 22.32

  11. Wow Kyle this is awesome. Well written, provocative, serious points and of course a little dickie finale! I think you should rant some more 🙂

    12.04.06 at 20.22

    • thanks – perhaps i will then

      12.04.06 at 20.33

  12. talesfromthelou

    Good stuff Kyle

    12.04.01 at 21.31

    • thank you so much

      12.04.01 at 21.32

  13. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    My curiosity brought me to this one !
    as i wrote a bit on it that day……
    I like what you say…
    Thank you….I agree, one add though
    some women have been working with Gaia all along
    we do it quietly within her Light
    we were born in Goddess’s energy….
    and I am quite thankful and grateful I walk with Her..
    It is nice to see your rant…
    and as always be yourself…do the smutty too !
    I think I am really going to have fun following your blog!

    Take care…

    12.04.01 at 21.26

    • thanks
      the title was deliberately provocative
      i think i am really going to have fun following you too

      12.04.01 at 21.29

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        oh yeah it did grab my attention LOls..
        Keep up the good words and fun Kyle..
        you are a natural !
        real…very unusal in this day and age…


        12.04.01 at 21.31

  14. Yes. I agree with women ruling the world. In theory. But in practice… we got THATCHER! I have worked for two female bosses and hated them both. Unfortunately the women who want to rule are the kind I don’t want.

    Also, I like the exploring space thing. I want space boots so I can fly to the moon. Hmmm, as long as the heel was a decent size.

    12.03.11 at 00.50

    • that is very true – all of it – especially the bit about your boot having a decent heel size

      12.04.01 at 21.44

    • tamerlame

      I am not for having authority over women, not interested, a burden I am not willing to take on. Yet women hold women men in contempt and a large percentage of women will try to socially destroy low status men. (False work place harassment is an example of female power and control, look at donglegate as an example.)

      How many women treat men during divorce is shocking! Parental alienation is abuse of the man and child abuse too.

      Women have been drugging kids in US schools for a decade. (Most teachers are females, American schools have become hostile to boys. Like for example a 12 year old boy calling a teacher cute getting hit with a sexual harassment charge. )

      I don’t trust females to have authority over men. Men protect weak women. Women hold weak men in contempt.

      Not one single women should hold authority over one single man!

      14.03.08 at 16.26

  15. When I read the title I thought you would write about fucking international women?

    International women’s day is as helpful for women as mother’s day for mothers

    12.03.09 at 22.43

    • i only just saw this – yes – fucking international women sounds very much like my thing – which continent do you think i should start with?

      12.03.25 at 02.31

  16. Seems Legit
    *Continues planning global domination*
    …First, we take Manhattan.

    12.03.08 at 17.46

  17. I like the quick sentiment but… no way would I want that. I would want to be the man then… and play. Wait a minute…- THATS really the point isn’t it. You want to play Ha Ha OK Let women rule but I’ll hang out with the guys a lot of the time!

    12.03.08 at 17.41

    • sounds good to me

      12.03.08 at 17.50

  18. This is fucking great! Of course, I’m a woman seeking to rule the world… so I could be a little biased here.

    12.03.08 at 15.48

    • i thought you already did your epicness

      thanks hon

      12.03.08 at 15.51

      • heh, only the world in my mind unfortunately… but one day…

        12.03.08 at 15.52

  19. I agree that this century will be different and it is about time….

    12.03.08 at 14.43

    • don’t forget us little cavemen tho – we’d all be lost without you

      12.03.08 at 15.34

  20. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Fair enough.

    12.03.08 at 12.40

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