this is fantastic, can’t wait for the rest
damn, this girl can tell a tale

My Own Private Universe

WARNING: The following story may be offensive to some readers.


After the darkness returned, the door closed and the footsteps faded away, she released the breath she’d been holding in and the tears began to seep from the corners of her eyes. She didn’t snivel, didn’t whimper, didn’t sob; she knew better than to make any sound at all; but silently mourned for the person she used to be and the life she used to have.

She lay on her side, naked and shivering against the cold concrete floor; sometimes he’d leave her on the bed, but though that offered far more comfort, she’d come to think of it as just another trick. On the bed, when she’d awake warm and nestled in softness, for just a moment she’d forget where she was and what she was becoming. Each time that happened, it made the reality that much more…

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