More hood than Little Red Riding

a lot of people are surprised when i tell them i am into rap music. its not that i agree with the hate-filled opinions that a lot of rap expresses, its because i think rappers, especially gangsta rappers, are sweet. they are like my best friend’s little four year old boy. they think its clever to use rude words and act all tough. they are all ego and little else, and, like toddlers, i want to give them all a cuddle and a wowwipop.

i like also the fact that rappers are not quite who they think they are, not quite as anti-establishment as they would like to believe. i have always been told that some of the basic tenants of hip-hop are breaking, bombing and rapping, but to me that equates with dancing, painting and poetry. tell me if i’ve got it wrong, but round here dance, painting and poetry are considered rather white, middle-classed pursuits.

and, people seem confuse rappers with gangsters and i don’t understand why. gangsters are criminals, they do awful things and they tend to spend a lot of their time in prison, or dead. rappers, on the other hand, are performers, they spend their time in recording studios and big mansions. it amazes me that so many people cannot see the difference. i don’t know if its true or not, but someone once told me that although NWA may well have met in LA, it wasn’t on the streets of compton or inglewood, but in drama school. i find that rather easy to believe.

don’t get me wrong, i abhor all the women hating, the homophobia and the cop hating that rap music espouses, but then i am a grown up. nevertheless i love rap music, i love its brash ugliness, its complete lack of emotional maturity, its blatant desire to shock and upset. i love its raw power and its fuck you attitude. at the end of the day rappers are like little children, sweet, adorable and in need of our protection.

music is part of the human soul and is as old as our species. many scientists now believe that we were singing before we were talking. we will never know if that is right but i would bet my bottom dollar that if we went back far enough that there would’ve been angry music before there was pretty music.

check this guy out:

isn’t he just adorable? did you see him head-butt the ram? what a sweeedeee! couldn’t you just pick him up and kiss him?

22 responses

  1. regardless of one’s thoughts on rap music in general or rappers specifically…this is a well written piece Kyle and has made me revist my own prejudice against a genre I never really gave a chance. Thanks for that…never thought I was the judgmental type, but appears I have more to learn about myself.

    12.07.26 at 16.20

  2. junelikethemonth

    Oh damn this had me laughing so hard the people on the bus are looking at me like I’m special lol

    12.03.15 at 17.45

    • you are special – and not just like that lol

      12.03.15 at 17.51

      • junelikethemonth

        awww, you just made my day 🙂

        12.03.15 at 20.08

  3. I want to pinch his sweet little cheeks

    12.03.13 at 19.41

    • i’m so glad someone gets it

      12.03.13 at 20.07

      • haha yes, it’s funny!

        12.03.13 at 20.33

  4. Okay, since I saw this on TheSandyTongue I can’t get it out my head! No pun intended….

    12.03.13 at 18.37

    • sadly blocked in the uk because of copyright – damn

      12.03.13 at 18.38

  5. Gillian Colbert

    I too love Rap, but not this hip-hop, watered down version of the movement that is out there today. I would argue that they are not even the same thing. So-called “Rappers” today are just merchandising machines, they make money for the record company nothing more. Rap was a movement about the black experience in America. They were lyricists and poets first. My rant on the subject is at

    I’ll stop soapboxing on your blog 😉

    12.03.13 at 18.18

    • no don’t – i love it

      12.03.13 at 18.19

      • Gillian Colbert

        So sweet … Ironically, I think the rest of the world is still practicing rap the way it orgininated … as a musical expression of one’s experience. Accidental Masturbator turned me on to several British rap groups that I found to be very reminiscent of American Old Skool Rap (check out the comments in the post I linked). In my opinion, once Puffy got into the mix, rap got dumbed down and became about stupid and irrelevant shit.

        Conscious rap is still out there, but much harder to find. Some of the new school guys I like are Baraka Noel, More or Less (Canadian), Bill Brown, Benny Blanco, but these guys don’t get the contracts. (Baraka Noel)

        12.03.13 at 18.30

        • i hate puffy

          12.03.13 at 18.32

          • Gillian Colbert

            Me too

            12.03.13 at 18.32

  6. I Was Always A Fan Of WESTSIDE CONNECTION, Myself.
    In Fact, I Have BOW DOWN and GANGSTA NATION On My MP3 PLAYER For When I Go For My Walks! hahahaha
    Trust Me, Dude, I’m The Whitest White-Guy You’re Likely To Find (other than Barry Manilow (who is ALSO on my MP3 Player)) So People Are ALWAYS Shocked To Learn I Enjoy A Little Old-Skool Rap 😉

    12.03.13 at 18.16

    • thanks man – great point and good to hear from ya – or should i just say “true dat!”

      12.03.13 at 18.18

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