The book is always better than the movie

They say that the book is always better than the movie and I guess that’s true. I think that its something that applies to life as well and that makes me kinda sad.

You see, I think that Kyle Mew – the book is better than the real thing. Its all about words, see, and I can do things with words. I can make you laugh with my words, I can make men stiff and women wet with my words. I can write big, long, erect and throbbing words that would make you gasp in anticipation. My words can stay erect all night and make you come over and over again. I could knock out a horse with my words and fill a bathtub with their issue. I fear that after my words, the real me would be a disappointment.

As for Kyle Mew – The Movie. Well, like all men, the first thing I did when I got a web-cam was film myself masturbating. I think its pretty good, the plot is a tad predictable but I like the way I’ve used super-slo-mo for the ejaculation scene. I will never understand why it has only ever had three views on You Tube

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  1. junelikethemonth

    Damn baby, you did totally get me excited with that description of what you can do with your words…mmmmmmm

    12.03.15 at 17.42

  2. You always get the feel of the words, but not the mood of the sight.

    12.03.13 at 23.20

    • thanks you – what a sharp insight

      12.03.13 at 23.21

  3. you speak the truth – hilarious after you get past the personal stuff but I have a word that will fix it – blindfold! Ha!

    12.03.13 at 20.20

    • oh jayne – now you are talking my language

      12.03.13 at 20.26

      • theres always an answer… somewhere ! ; )

        12.03.13 at 20.31

  4. Nicely written doll… if a little sad.
    Personally, I think ‘Kyle Mew the movie’ would be plenty interesting… every once in awhile, the adaptations do come out right, y’know.

    12.03.13 at 18.29

  5. um, hot. that was hot.

    12.03.13 at 15.13

    • tinged with a little sadness too

      12.03.13 at 15.18

  6. Gillian Colbert

    Words are visceral, they’re like planting small seeds in someone elses brain and they trigger our own emotional responses. Video has a harder time getting the same effect.

    As for that video, I’m at work, but I’ll be watching later!

    12.03.13 at 14.38

    • its true – words are far sexier than images, for me anyway

      now why would you want to watch me doing something like that?

      12.03.13 at 14.46

      • Gillian Colbert

        Stop teasing … as if you don’t know the answer … just the idea of watching that video’s got me tingly 😉

        12.03.13 at 15.00

        • you may have realised by now that it was a tease – i feel bad now – i did make such a video once and tried sending it to the email address on you gravitar to make up for your disappointment, but it bounced back – send me a good address and i’ll send it to you – sorry honey

          12.03.14 at 02.20

          • Gillian Colbert

            Oh, no worries. It’s okay. I’m just horny and was hopeful is all. That is my right address, not sure why it bounced. We’ll just chalk that one up to fate.


            12.03.14 at 13.50

  7. *facepalm* that makes one more view to that amaaaaaazing video. Haha!


    12.03.13 at 14.05

    • shhh, don’t share it with too many people, i would die of embarrassment 😉

      12.03.13 at 14.07

  8. TheOthers1

    I always like the book better than the movie mainly because the movie never does it justice. Your book sounds pretty stimulating.

    12.03.13 at 12.50

    • i can think of nothing more stimulating than words.

      12.03.13 at 14.08

      • You and me both. and TheOthers 1 too! Cinema is overrated. Did I spell that right?

        12.03.14 at 04.31

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