If I could

If I could sing
I would sing you a song
If I could paint
I would paint your form
If I could fly
I would fly to you
If I could swim
I would cross that ocean
If I had a magic marker
I would write filthy words
All over your body


23 responses

  1. Meghan

    Reblogged this on theurinaryolympics.

    12.03.15 at 00.29

    • thank you honey

      12.03.15 at 09.45

  2. Kim

    Cute poem ❤

    12.03.14 at 21.26

    • thank you darlin’

      12.03.14 at 21.59

  3. I love it!


    12.03.14 at 20.48

    • you are too kind sweetie.

      12.03.14 at 22.00

  4. Kyle…I’m starting to think I love you. Feel no pressure though.

    Bisous encore (2 aujourd’hui)

    12.03.14 at 18.56

    • tu es belle. aujourd’hui, j’ai beaucoup pleuré. il a été un triste jour, peut-être je t’aime trop. je ne sais pas. la vie est très étrange. mon français est très pauvre. google translate really sucks, huh?

      12.03.14 at 21.58

      • Google translation does really suck, I like your French!
        I think I am starting to comment more than I write. I can be so distracted sometimes! I never really know what my true mission is. Probably I don’t have one.

        Kisses and hugs in French and in English,

        12.03.15 at 19.55

        • i, for one, would love to see you write more. you do not need a mission other than perhaps to be the best dawn you can be. i haven’t spoken french since i was at school, and a few times when i have visited paris, a city i love, but where my attempts at speaking the language received nothing more than giggles or blank stares. i think the english and the french only pretend to hate each other, i think we love each other really.


          12.03.15 at 21.16

          • Thanks. I want to write more too but it has become a kind of clandestine activity. I didn’t really know what direction all of this would take in the beginning and now…I can’t write nearly as often as I’d like too. Otherwise, Busted!
            I think the English and the French may really hate each other, but they don’t know why. I’m American. I just live in France.
            I really do love “Angel fucking.” You RULE!

            Grosses bises,

            12.03.16 at 18.43

            • oooh, i rather like the idea of you writing in secret, that’s rather romantic. are you being held captive in a cage by an evil baron? can i come rescue you if you are?

              12.03.16 at 18.46

              • You can call me Rapunzle if you’de like, but I’m a fake blond, no long hair either…a sorry comparison really. Come and rescue me anyway. If only from myself.

                12.03.17 at 15.47

                • readying my trusty steed and sharpening my dragon slaying sword as we speak. i will free you rapunzle or die trying

                  12.03.17 at 16.15

                  • This is a perfect example of what I love about you!

                    12.03.17 at 16.19

                    • and you saying that is why i would happily and willingly die for your freedom, why it would be an honour

                      12.03.17 at 16.53

  5. I wouldn’t like the filthy words part. Reminds me of writing “Penis” on my dad’s bald head when he fell asleep on the couch. Maybe drawing something cute, like litle hearts or something wouldn’t be bad.

    12.03.14 at 17.44

    • haha – i hoped he deserved it
      hearts then, and maybe some cheeky little arrows, pointing towards somewhere naughty

      12.03.14 at 17.58

  6. awww

    12.03.14 at 14.37

  7. if only i could

    12.03.14 at 14.10

  8. Gillian Colbert

    Lovely and filthy … loved it.

    12.03.14 at 14.09

    • thank you – love you

      12.03.15 at 12.05

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