Three words

YOU chain me to the radiator. leaving a little slack, so that i am not strapped to it but have enough room to stand back by a few inches. you reach over and switch it on. i turn my head and look at you with a little concern in my eyes. you can be a bit naughty sometimes, i know, but this is cruel. “keep facing front.” you tell me and run the horse whip softly down my back, not hitting me with it, just reminding me of what you could do, if you wanted. I turn back to the wall, feeling the white metal pipes heating up. “this could really hurt.” i point out, as if you didn’t know, “that thing can get damn hot.” i say, the fear evident in my voice.
“you’ll be fine.” you tell me calmly, “as long as you don’t get an erection.”

I hear the rustle of cotton and silk and know you are undressing. you reach over my shoulder, showing me your tiny satin red panties, before dropping them on the floor in front of me. “demonstrate some self control.” you whisper to me, sensing my fledgeling erection. i can hear you smile. i feel myself growing, lengthening and thickening, twitching gently. i try to think of something else rather than you stood behind me, naked. I can feel how close you are.

YOUR breath starts to quicken and deepen and i try not to listen, try not to get any harder but its no good. my cock starts to gradually inch its way towards the heat and the pain. you moan gently, knowing how the sounds of your enjoyment arouse me. i can feel your hot breath on the back of my neck. I feel your eyes glinting and know you are watching me grow and get nearer to the heat.

I feel your fingers stroke gently down my back and your moans of pleasure grow louder and hungrier. something deep pulsates in me as i realise i can hear the soft lapping of you touching yourself and my cock bounces lightly against the hot steel, making me yelp slightly. “shhh.” you tell me, stepping back.
“but that hurt.” i protest. the bite of the whip across my back is not harsh but makes me jump and i brush against the radiator once more. you giggle and bite your lip. “demonstrate some self control then.” you say softly, and “shhhh. no more words. no more sounds. hold it in. feel it.” you reach across and turn the heat up to full, and i briefly see your smile and the mischief in you eyes.

I feel myself tap lightly on the hot pipes, trying not to cry out, feeling the pain electrify my soul, sharpening my senses. you moan louder and deeper, telling me in detail what you are doing to yourself, standing right behind me again. “you want to turn me on, my love? well know that you are.” when you start to caress my lips with your slender wet fingers, slipping them into my adoring mouth, i know i will get fully erect and be unable to stop it. i panic and use the safety word. there is silence. i tense up, expecting the whip. i say it again. “why do you say that?” you ask sounding genuinely puzzled.
“the safety word.” i explain, my erection now brushing against the burning metal.
“that was last night’s safety word, my darling.” you say in your sweetest voice.
“well what’s tonight’s?” i quiver, looking round at you. You step back and i feel the sharp sting of leather land hard on my back. Then another and another, each one meaner the the last.
“there isn’t one my sweetheart.” you giggle in a voice like thick cream, “why would there be? I’m not doing anything to you. you are doing that to yourself. if you want to hurt yourself for my pleasure honey, who am i to complain? if you don’t like it, i told you, exercise some self control.”

YOUR moans and gasps grow louder, and i can feel the approach of your orgasm in the heat of your breath, your nipples, erect, brush against the stinging of my back and i can feel your eyes on my cock as it presses up against the cruel heat. my eyes sting with it and my head swims dizzily. my cries of pain mingle with yours of bliss and fill the room.

I realise the sounds we make when in pain are indistinguishable from those we make when in the throws of ecstasy. i think i am going to pass out. when you unchain me, spin me round and say three words “now, fuck me”

16 responses

  1. Kyle….yer gettin’ me all wet!

    12.03.18 at 16.18

    • it was my intention throughout

      12.03.18 at 18.27

  2. Damn, Kyle. That’s hot has hell… I dare say that you are making me a bit uncomfortable, squirming in my seat. Thank you!

    12.03.17 at 23.41

    • always happy to provide a bit of a seat squirmer – in fact i think you may have just inspired me to add a new category

      12.03.18 at 00.40

  3. How the hell did i miss this one? Fucktastic job sir!

    12.03.17 at 00.20

    • thanks ma’am

      12.03.17 at 11.27

  4. TheOthers1

    Lots of pain with this pleasure. I like how you told it.

    12.03.16 at 23.16

    • i wanted to write something where she was as sweet as she was cruel and something where he was, at least subconsciously, a willing and even eager, participant.

      i am glad you liked.

      12.03.16 at 23.42

  5. “Lovely” slowly dripped off her tongue as she soaked up his emotions. Her smiling eyes dammed a realm of pleasure he loved to be afraid of. Her eyes mirrored back the storming skies of lightning within his soul.

    your story is making my mind bubble – thx

    12.03.16 at 21.15

    • oh, i am so glad – you are more than welcome – love your comment, making me bubble too

      12.03.16 at 21.19

      • I was thinking the Angel Fucking angel was the one reading your 3 words poem, planning what she would do to you next.

        12.03.16 at 21.37

        • well, i cannot wait to hear.

          12.03.16 at 22.14

  6. junelikethemonth

    Mmmmmm damn…I am in public right now and trying hard not squirm, but I know when I get up there is going to be a wet spot giving away my little secret….grrrrrrr

    12.03.16 at 19.47

    • now that’s what i like to hear – makes all the research i had to do for the post all worthwhile

      12.03.16 at 19.54

      • junelikethemonth

        You’re such a naughty naughty boy…I think I might just have to write a piece in response

        12.03.16 at 20.44

        • now that, i would fucking love!
          don’t hold back

          12.03.16 at 20.47

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