Why are the beautiful ones always crazy?

There is this woman down the street from me. She is gorgeous. She has the sweetest, salt and pepper hair and an accent like the queen’s, but she is crazy. She picks up litter. Not just in our street, I’ve seen her doing it on the main drag, and she steals cats. She has about fifty of them, all trapped in her house. She has an ass though that looks like it should taste of strawberry ice-cream.

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  1. Holy crap! 80% of this description is me. Not strawberry ice cream though… I’m not sure.

    12.08.26 at 09.08

    • beauty is in the mouth of the taster…

      12.08.26 at 09.22

  2. I think the lady is just crazy(obviously),but not all beautiful ladies are crazy . 🙂

    12.06.20 at 09.03

    • really? convince me

      12.06.20 at 09.04

  3. Kyle, the fact is we (women) are all crazy, it’s just the beautiful ones don’t need to hide it as much as the rest of us…

    12.03.17 at 20.08

    • gypsy116

      Love this comment, and totally agree 🙂

      12.03.17 at 20.13

    • that is just inspired

      12.03.17 at 22.09

  4. gypsy116

    I dont know, I tend to gravitate towards the crazy ones anyway (not that crazy though), but thats just me 🙂

    12.03.16 at 23.58

    • i think it shows character

      12.03.17 at 11.24

      • gypsy116


        12.03.17 at 19.20

  5. TheOthers1

    I’ve never heard someone’s butt compared to ice cream before. Interesting.

    It’s similar to saying all the cute guys are assholes. I feel like that happens as much as all the cute women are crazy. 🙂

    12.03.16 at 23.22

    • tarantino used it in ‘true romance’. if you’ve not seen it, promise me that you’ll only ever watch his cut, the sad ending version – tony scott’s, happy ending version sucks royal ass.

      nearly right… most men are assholes actually x

      12.03.16 at 23.35

  6. That’s why “you can’t judge a book by its cover” even if the cover is hot!

    12.03.16 at 23.12

  7. mmmm ice-cream.
    Does she really steal cats? If yes… what do you suppose she does with them? I mean, I heard they’re great in stir-fry but…

    12.03.16 at 23.00

    • so many kittens – so few recipies
      she looks after them actually. she loves them
      nowt so queer as folk, eh?

      12.03.16 at 23.02

      • I think it’s kind of sweet… in some demented sort of way.

        12.03.16 at 23.03

        • it is and she is – she means no harm

          12.03.16 at 23.06

          • I could sort of picture myself as the crazy lady at the end of the street… less cats though.

            12.03.16 at 23.09

  8. STEALS CATS? Wth? That is so wack!

    12.03.16 at 22.59

    • she lures them in with food and love – she is not nasty, just bonkers

      12.03.16 at 23.03

      • Homeless cats or like.. Any cats what so ever?

        12.03.16 at 23.04

        • she say ‘homeless’ but i’m not always sure

          12.03.16 at 23.07

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