Whoring myself

My 200th post is looming and I want to whore it out, to you, to be your bitch. I want to write whatever you suggest in the comments. I will do the first one and the naughtiest one. Try not to be kind to me please.

15 responses

  1. SO Kyle… I’m thinking it would be nice if the devil was submissive and Angel was Domme, and God Top’s them both.

    I like wobsy’s idea too.


    12.03.18 at 10.34

    • Nice thinking Cruel – I’m halfway through writing it now but its a great idea for another tale.
      Personally I don’t think God’s ever gotten laid, which is why he is so uptight about anybody else getting some. I suspect he has a tiny penis and is incapable of maintaining an erection.

      12.03.18 at 10.58

  2. Oh ya! Nice Gabriela… now I’m all tingly and excited! hehe
    I had a fantastically dirty dream about satan last night… all thanks to you Kyle… damn i love you both!

    12.03.17 at 15.31

    • according to my sources, satan had a fantastically dirty dream about you last night

      12.03.17 at 15.39

      • fan-fuckin-tastic!!!

        12.03.17 at 15.42

        • you’d better watch out doll – you not gonna suggest a topic then?

          12.03.17 at 15.43

          • I would have suggested the EXACT topic Gabriela already so brilliantly put forth… how can I possibly top that?

            12.03.17 at 15.44

          • I just had a thought actually (blame Gabriela… she turned me on to the way-too-funny Lady gaga ‘Telephone’ video yesterday)… slutty female guards in a men’s prison. Heh.

            12.03.18 at 00.28

            • now i don’t think i can resist that one

              12.03.18 at 00.36

  3. wobsy

    I’m very into anything oral. Lie on the kitchen table on your back, head hanging over the edge, mouth wide open for a good throat fuck.

    12.03.17 at 14.14

    • a thrilling image wobs – love it

      12.03.17 at 15.36

      • wobsy

        Should I add your knees raised up and wide, almost into your armpits. Your talons in my buttocks, urging onwards. My tongue teasing, probing, whilst my fingers gently massage your G-spot?

        12.03.17 at 15.51

  4. You wrote about Angel Fucking. You wrote about Devil Fucking. Write about them both together! I tried.. And failed miserably. I can’t get the words right.

    12.03.17 at 12.21

    • ooh, now that’s an idea i really like. and as the first suggestion, my 200th is all yours.

      201st will go to the naughtiest suggestion

      12.03.17 at 12.25

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