Virtual love?

I have friends online that I can share things with that I can’t with my offline friends.
I have fallen more deeply in love online than I have offline.
I have had sex online that was so good that it knocked the socks off a lot of the sex i’ve had in a real bed.
I have made friends online.
Enemies too.

I have hurt people and been hurt.
Touched people and been touched.
Met people I never could have otherwise,
Met people that I hope I know forever,
Met people I hope I never hear from again.

I have felt like I live on a planet not an island.
I have seen things I never should have,
And seen things that I am so glad I have,
that my life would be smaller without them.

Is this the future?
Is this how we live our lives now?
I fucking hope so.

14 responses

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. It is a strange aspect of sensation to be affected or understood at my deepest. Seriously astounding but…on the other hand, I don’t express myself like I do here. It isn’t common to find A GROUP of people willing and open to discuss the unusual or odd topics I find most interesting. I guess thats a vote for Virtual Love. When does Apple come out with their Flesh and Blood Laptop?????

    12.03.20 at 07.10

    • That way we could all touch each other! Probably better if they don’t…who lows where that could lead us!

      12.03.20 at 07.38

      • oops. knows.

        12.03.20 at 07.39

      • can’t do that – no one would write anymore!

        12.03.20 at 08.52

      • it would be a fascinating journey

        12.03.20 at 10.32

    • they don’t need to – our words are alive – our verbs have pulses and our nouns breath

      12.03.20 at 10.31

  2. Gillian Colbert

    Agreed on all points, m’dear.

    12.03.20 at 03.40

  3. So true what you say… Especially the love n sex bit… Drives you crazy

    12.03.19 at 23.28

    • i love how we can touch each other through a keyboard – it shows that our true humanity is an inner being

      12.03.20 at 00.11

      • Its a meeting of my minds and emotions… Making it intense and severe

        12.03.20 at 00.33

        • our minds and or imaginations really are our most erogenous zones

          12.03.20 at 00.35

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more Thanks.


    12.03.19 at 23.22

    • thank you my love – today i found out that i had hurt someone on the other side of the planet, that i never meant to – online life is much more real than we realise sometimes

      12.03.19 at 23.26

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