Our words are alive

our verbs have pulses
and our nouns have breath
our adjectives sweat in the sun
adverbs can even bleed to death
my punctuation has a hard-on
look !

13 responses

  1. and don’t even get started on what our dangling participles do….

    12.03.20 at 21.21

    • oh! you are fantastic! why didn’t i think of that?

      12.03.20 at 21.22

      • you were being lovely and poetic. I was being a shallow smart ass. : )

        12.03.20 at 21.44

        • not at all dangling participles is brilliant

          12.03.20 at 21.47

  2. Gillian Colbert

    LOL … thanks for my morning chuckle

    12.03.20 at 14.03

  3. Some things just sound so funny in certain places 😉

    12.03.20 at 13.59

    • glad i could please, your majesty

      12.03.20 at 14.07

  4. lol ah… I knew if I came over here this morning it would make me smile.

    12.03.20 at 13.10

    • that’s the plan stan

      12.03.20 at 13.14

  5. This is extremely clever, and very funny 😀
    Such a great read! Good job.

    12.03.20 at 13.10

    • you are very sweet to say so – thank you

      12.03.20 at 13.15

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