A Haiku

i want to say that
i love you in seventeen
syllables or less

8 responses

  1. This is a haiku,
    yet your message speaks volumes.
    What a lucky girl.

    12.03.22 at 02.33

    • that is so clever,
      your comment is a haiku.
      but wait. so is this.

      12.03.22 at 10.02

  2. Are you honoring World Poetry Day?

    12.03.21 at 19.36

    • trying not to

      12.03.22 at 10.42

      • Ah, that poetry just gets under the skin, no matter how hard you want to stop, it has a power beyond control.

        12.03.22 at 11.04

  3. How?

    12.03.21 at 13.49

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