Poetry sucks

Today is World Poetry Day.
That’s what they say.
World Poetry Day?
Ain’t that kinda gay?

Today is World Poetry Day.
A day to make life rhyme.
World Poetry Day?
Fuck off with that shit!

7 responses

  1. Is it really? Didn’t even know there was a world poetry day.

    12.03.21 at 14.51

    • neither did i til today lol

      12.03.21 at 15.28

  2. cheers buddy

    12.03.21 at 14.16

  3. Gillian Colbert

    Damn … now I feel the pressure of coming up with something, witty, or sexy, or damn, damn, damn

    *walks off mumbling incoherent rhymes*

    12.03.21 at 14.13

    • well you just made me smile

      12.03.21 at 14.16

      • Gillian Colbert

        My day is made!

        12.03.21 at 14.37

  4. It’s a bit annoying really, and those self-proclaimed poet hipsters. Who needs em?

    Great poem dude haah

    12.03.21 at 11.34

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