200th post – part two

Part two of my 200th post challenge: this one’s for Robin who had the naughtiest suggestion.

Most of the inmates of D Wing had imagined that the female guards would be a bit softer than the male guards and give them less of a hard time. Nothing though, could have been further from the truth.

Grown men would shake in their boots when they heard that there would be women guards on night shift. Hardened criminals would weep and pee themselves uncontrollably on discovering that one of the guards would be Robin. Some said she was crazy and heard voices.

“Yes.” she lies to the prison psychiatrist, she has been taking her medication. “No.” she lies again, there have been no more voices.
“No-one is denying that you are a good officer Robin,” the doctor points out, “and prisoner behaviour has certainly improved since you joined us.” Robin casts her mind back to her first shift on D Wing. Some of the inmates had found it entertaining to jerk themselves off in front of the women guards. Most of the women would ignore this or simply place the prisoner on report but Robin had put a stop to it immediately. She had broken the man’s fingers and then demanded that he masturbate in front of her. There was something pathetic she had thought about seeing a man sob and ejaculate at the same time. Afterwards she had told him what she would do if it ever happened again. It never did. Her friend Gabi had laughed like a drain.

She liked working with Gabi, they had a lot in common. Gabi was mostly there for the cock though and she saw to it that she got plenty. There was barely a man on the block that had not fucked her one way or another. Robin was quite partial too to getting fucked at work, but she was mostly there to mete out justice. She had a soft spot for one or two of the men though: Bill was not really a bad guy, just a bit dumb and had fallen in with the wrong crowd, and Joey, who had bludgeoned his wife’s lover to death with a 14 inch, pink dildo, was only really guilty of loving too much, she reckoned. They both had dicks you could knock down a church door with. Gabi didn’t care so much about meting out justice, she just wanted to get fucked. She did like to watch the homophobes suck each other’s cocks though, and they both shared a hatred for the rapists and would devote a lot of their time to ‘educating’ them.

The psychiatrist was saying something about how it had gone too far this time, that there was nothing more she could do, but Robin wasn’t really listening she was listening to the voices in her head, they were making plans for the shift ahead. The doctor was reading from a report, “…then made him flush it down the toilet.” Robin looks up at this, that had been quite a night. “Is this true Robin?”, She did not need an answer, everyone knew it was true. “He is due to be released in a week.” the psychiatrist pointed out, but Robin knew that too, she had his home address, it was only an hour’s drive. His punishment had barely begun. “I don’t know why you are smiling Robin,” the doctor droned on peering disapprovingly over her thick glasses, “we are going to have to let you go.” Robin didn’t care, Gabi would let her in, and without the shackles of officialdom she could really have some fun, really let her hair down. She imagined their faces, the weakening bladders, the ice in their veins, when they realised she was back.

5 responses

  1. snarkysnatch

    Hey in other news… I am about to nominate you for the Inspiring Blogger Award. I assume you already won it but too bad. I just got inspired by you again.

    12.03.22 at 17.22

    • you are too kind – cannot accept i am afraid, mostly because i cannot nominate any other bloggers, which is down to the fact that i have never actually bothered to read any of that shit. i hear your stuff is not bad though and maybe one day i’ll give it a passing glance

      12.03.22 at 23.54

  2. OH my FUCKIN god!!! This was so hard to read… I was laughing so hard I’m lucky I didn’t piss myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this one Kyle! And I love you too, my dear, sweet and beautifully twisted man.

    12.03.22 at 15.03

    • i’m glad, i wondered at times if i’d gone too far – but then i thought what would your advice be “don’t hold back” i imagined. so…

      12.03.22 at 15.09

      • You imagined right luv… that would be the exact advice I would have given. So don’t worry… the only way I could have loved this more is if there’d been more of it!

        12.03.22 at 15.15

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