Let me pull down your menu

I click on my pop-up a bit,
Before I drag you across my desktop
And pull down your menu
And show you my hardware.
The google Earth will move
When I double click your button
and download your software.
My disc will not be floppy
As I upload my hard drive into your cloud.
Your source will be open
As I stick my large file in your dropbox.
I will try not to come in your icon,
or give you a virus though.

23 responses

  1. Kyle, I love your writing. **hugs**

    12.03.23 at 10.53

    • thanks sweetie – yours too *kisses*

      12.03.23 at 10.56

  2. Silly you! Stop makin’ me crash!
    (Mac girls are easy to use…)

    12.03.23 at 05.47

    • they are far more user friendly

      12.03.23 at 10.53

  3. Nice!

    12.03.22 at 22.41

  4. TheOthers1

    Ahahaha. You’re cute. Lol

    12.03.22 at 22.26

    • Mac cute or PC cute?
      Or Linux weirdo cute?

      12.03.22 at 22.27

      • TheOthers1

        I Mac cute

        12.03.22 at 22.29

        • damn, i was hoping you were gonna pc on me

          12.03.22 at 22.31

          • TheOthers1

            Sorry. I’m a Mac girl.

            12.03.22 at 22.35

            • I hear the dirtiest girls are linux

              12.03.22 at 22.36

              • TheOthers1

                Lol. Mac girls are creativity

                12.03.22 at 22.37

                • and pc girls are pragmatic and linux girls are poor.
                  but.. mac girls might be expensive but they have class and style, i’ll give them that 🙂

                  12.03.22 at 22.39

                  • they are also very easy to use

                    12.03.22 at 22.40

                    • TheOthers1

                      Bwahaha. First time I’ve ever been called easy. Classy and stylish, yes.

                      12.03.22 at 23.08

              • TheOthers1

                Or creative. Whoa. Doing too many things at once.

                12.03.22 at 22.39

  5. Aww… I was have a down moment until a read this. Thanks for making me smile!

    12.03.22 at 22.14

    • just make sure your anti-virus software is…
      turned on

      12.03.22 at 22.19

  6. Sexy computer geek!! Good one 😉

    12.03.22 at 22.12

    • now you are really filling up my RAM

      12.03.22 at 22.14

  7. Pete shakes head.

    12.03.22 at 22.12

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