Know your ABCs…

I saw this post and it gave me this idea:

Asshole at times,
Beautiful at others.
Cranky now and then but a
Dreamer always.

Extrovert mostly,
Fucktard occasionally,
Googles himself regularly and
Hurtful when in pain.

Idealistic to a fault, the
Joker of the pack.
Kyle –
Likes to think he’s a lover not a fighter –

Naughty like the best,
Optimist with the rest,
Poor of pocket and
Questioning of everything, but
Rich with friends.

Slut when he can be and
Toasted when he shouldn’t be.
Undervalued by himself, a
Victorious loser.

Wanker for ever,
Xylophone player never,
Yesterday’s hero? who knows?
Zeds? maybe? but when he’s dead.

36 responses

  1. awesome and very creative!!!! love it!!

    12.10.13 at 15.38

  2. Freaking amazing, Kyle. Truly. Loved it!

    12.04.02 at 03.30

  3. junelikethemonth

    sometimes i am envious of your talent, other times it inspires me…either way, i always love reading everything you have to say…

    12.03.28 at 15.32

    • really? thanks. today i feel like packing up and going and getting a real job

      12.03.28 at 18.09

      • junelikethemonth

        don’t do it, don’t conform

        12.03.29 at 00.28

  4. SweetP

    Love this! But Stop undervaluing yourself! Everyone else VALUES you!

    12.03.26 at 17.18

    • aww thank you
      i couldn’t think of anything else beginning with U lol
      i might change it to Umbrella hater but then your comment would look really odd 🙂

      12.03.26 at 17.23

  5. An ABC poem! 😀 I’ve never seen done any better. Love it.

    12.03.25 at 15.33

    • Aw thank you sweetheart x

      12.03.25 at 16.39

  6. Love the way you did this, may have to do one of my own now.

    12.03.25 at 15.25

    • Thank you angel – I think you should – I’d love to see that

      12.03.25 at 16.38

  7. Your variety is wonderful!

    12.03.25 at 05.02

  8. How in the hell do you keep the creativity flowing – incredible! You variety is wonderful.

    12.03.25 at 05.01

    • thank you jayne – i would go so far as to call ot wonderful but if it is then i think its down to having readers like you

      12.03.25 at 10.52

  9. I love this idea! My name wouldn’t work in it though….Well done Kyle!

    12.03.25 at 04.21

  10. Gillian Colbert

    Kyle, I thoroughly enjoyed your ABCs … I think I’ll have to do my own.


    12.03.25 at 02.51

    • looking forward to reading it

      12.03.25 at 10.49

  11. Oh, I love the idea behind this. Well I love this in and of itself too… but the concept is pretty kickass. Nice work as usual doll.

    12.03.25 at 00.08

    • i liked the idea and its a fun prompt
      i am going to come up with an idea where we bloggers can honour each other without the runaway process the awards do – gimme time to come up with something and i will

      12.03.25 at 00.35

      • That would be so much better… as much as I do love a little goofiness in each day, the awards and what not are getting a little.. too goofy.

        12.03.25 at 00.38

  12. Fucktard … like that … even if I’m not sure what it really means …

    12.03.24 at 23.47

    • i think its an abbreviation of “fucking retard” which is not very politically correct but wtf

      12.03.25 at 00.24

  13. Awesome as always.
    Btw nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

    [..because his writing is making me blush – most of the time at least. And Kyle, I know you just got this award recently but it’s my prerogative to give it to you again. So there..]

    12.03.24 at 22.14

    • thank you angel – i thrill to know that i make you blush and will now deliberately attempt to make you blush further – i replied on your post as to why i cannot accept any awards – but know that being nominated by you not only flattered me but got me fully erect. and there you go, see? made you blush again.
      your friend

      12.03.24 at 22.45

  14. …now you know your ABC’s….won’t you come and ??? with me. I forgot. Alcoholism. Alzheimer’s. Yuno.

    Never undervalue yourself Kyle. Never.

    12.03.24 at 21.17

    • i will ??? with you any time you say

      12.03.24 at 21.22

  15. livrancourt

    I liked your list, and then I saw what inspired it. Ha. Yours is better.

    12.03.24 at 21.17

    • neither is better

      12.03.24 at 21.22

    • but thank you

      12.03.24 at 21.22

  16. I love this! Took me a while to catch onto the alphabet xx

    12.03.24 at 21.16

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