A Sunday haiku showdown

Earlier in the week, the wonderful tales of a charm city chick responded to a haiku I had written, in the comments section, with another haiku. I thought it was such a clever and brilliant idea that I thought I’d have a go at it myself. The result was this wonderful to and fro between me and the fantastic Reality in Progress:

from the love I have
through the pain I will embrace
to the life I want

i love this poem
it is so very clever
please write another

my body was weak
replying was put on hold
i had to get food

i understand you
we all need some nourishment
it was worth the wait

happily admit
this poetry geekery
is making me laugh

it makes me laugh too
poetry can be such fun
and good for the soul

who would have known that
until experiencing
expression in short

i find it a thrill
to squeeze my words so tightly
into such a form

i really agree
maybe the future will be
one-word poetry

i like that idea
let me have a go at it
here is my word – poem

truly love your word
for me another one though
‘love’ my word will be

your word is so sweet
and i find myself thinking
our words are the same

maybe all words are
same reflection of a truth
we find in all hearts.

15 responses

  1. I really liked this a lot… and since I’m not really a big fan of Haiku, I found that a little surprising. Of course, I’ve never seen Haiku used as a back and forth like this before… very cool.

    12.03.26 at 17.35

  2. just brilliant

    12.03.26 at 11.48

    • thank you so much – it was loadsa fun to do

      12.03.26 at 12.13

  3. This the most beautiful comment thread I have ever read!

    12.03.25 at 22.52

    • encourage your friends to do something similar
      thank you susie – i love you

      12.03.25 at 23.05

      • We all love you Kyle!
        Great idea. I will mention it to them~

        12.03.25 at 23.10

  4. There’s nothin’ like a haiku showdown on a Sunday. Nothing.

    12.03.25 at 22.41

    • oh absolutely
      i just couldn’t agree more
      i thank you for that

      12.03.26 at 11.02

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  6. good idea, i’m on it.

    yea it’s kind of cool – wp synergy…

    12.03.25 at 22.22

  7. Perhaps we’re nothing
    But writing on paper tongues
    And ink in our minds

    12.03.25 at 22.22

    • i like that idea
      paper tongues and ink of minds
      how very clever

      12.03.26 at 11.05

  8. Love your version.

    12.03.25 at 22.15

    • love yours – we should add links at the bottom of each to each others
      rather like this idea of collaborative blogging – we must encourage others

      12.03.25 at 22.20

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