My laptop died today. She had been ill for sometime but this morning at 11:38 she passed peacefully away. She was four and a half years old (which is 127 in laptop years).

She was Windows Vista and we didn’t always get along, sometimes she infuriated me. She could be a bit slow and wasn’t always very bright but I loved her. All my friends lived inside her. The woman I love lived inside her.

She had a wonderfully non-judgemental character. There were images and videos on her hard drive that would make a porn star blush, but she never uttered a word.

She will be dearly missed. Well, until I get a new one tomorrow.

she wasn't really an apple, i just put a sticker on her so i could look like a real dick

17 responses

  1. Ashes to ashes
    Dust to dust
    Plastic to plastic
    To him she belonged
    An apple she longed
    Stuck it on her
    Made her loud
    And proud
    RIP babe

    12.03.27 at 15.47

    • wow that is good – you are a star

      12.03.27 at 16.02

  2. This is too funny…thanks for the smile!

    12.03.27 at 14.45

  3. I love the Apple sticker…I will have a moment of silence for both of you….

    12.03.27 at 00.43

  4. Oh nooo 😦 Poop.

    Mine is almost 5 and with Vista as well and I swear, often very close of flying out the window – just so stubbornly slow sometimes.

    Several times close to dying but until now me and my magic geek fingers have been able to bring it back. But one of these days…

    12.03.26 at 21.39

    • i kept her breathing for as long as i could – in the end it was just cruel

      12.03.26 at 21.42

  5. This is sad!!! As an owner of both windows and mac, I fear this from both of my babies!

    … Save the porn?


    12.03.26 at 20.37

    • porn is fleeting like clouds on a windy night or a dream or passing glance between strangers on the subway or a wondrous piece of graffiti art – it cannot be held onto, we must not try

      ~ k )

      12.03.26 at 21.03

  6. I had to share this on my facebook for all my computer geek friends. I did warn them to have tissues near by for tears may roll from their eyes….

    My son Mathew would have wanted to help you bring her back to life…only he may have blamed the “Apple Sticker” as the cause of her

    12.03.26 at 18.21

    • she was resuscitated once or twice but to no avail, she just kept slipping away again.
      i fear that it was less likely the apple sticker that killed her and more likely the over-exposure to poorly produced pornography

      12.03.26 at 18.57

  7. SweetP

    LOL, I think we all feel that way about our laptops, it’s a love-hate thing πŸ™‚

    12.03.26 at 17.39

  8. Aww… may she rest in peace.

    12.03.26 at 17.37

    • thank you – it was a sad day 😦

      12.03.26 at 17.41

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