I fell in love today

I fell in love today. She is beautiful and even though we have just met, I know we will be together for a long time and spend almost every waking hour together. She is slim and fast and bright and shiny and I cannot keep my hands off her. Just looking at her makes me stiff. I keep stroking her and feeling her soft curves, and every time  a mite of dust lands on her I have to brush it away. I had to pay for her, which makes me sad, and she is red even though I was looking for a black one, but colour doesn’t matter when it comes to affairs of the heart. Her name is HP Pavilon G6 and she is my new laptop and I love her.

33 responses

  1. I thought she was going to be an iphone named Siri!

    12.03.31 at 16.26

    • i like the name siri but i can’t stand apple – i’m a pc htc kinda guy – thanks for your comment though – i love ya

      12.03.31 at 16.43

  2. Lol, I did that with my first hubby!

    And my last desktop.

    12.03.30 at 07.21

    • the similarities can be quite disturbing at times – my laptop makes me stiffer than my first wifey ever did – now that is sad

      12.03.30 at 16.08

  3. Is it an Indian themed wedding you’re having? She’s come prepared… Wedding dress nd all 😉

    12.03.28 at 00.59

    • i think we will live in sin but an indian wedding sounds delightful

      12.03.28 at 01.42

  4. SweetP

    So happy for the both of you! Red’s the best colour!!

    12.03.27 at 20.13

    • i have no colour prejudices but you are right – she is very sexy

      12.03.27 at 22.15

  5. lmao I’m going to be giggling about this one for a bit, me thinks. Too freakin cute.

    12.03.27 at 19.18

    • not when you see what i downloaded onto her hard drive

      12.03.27 at 19.20

      • Already? Damn you’re fast man. It takes me weeks molesting my new hardware before I get around to porning it up. Hats off to you sir.

        12.03.27 at 19.21

        • shh but i don’t actually do porn, find it kinda cheap – but a man has to have his reputation lol

          12.03.27 at 19.26

          • hahaha indeed. But – I must ask – are not words that get you hot the same as picture/video that turns on another? If it turns you on, it’s still porn to me, so in my mind, your reputation remains secure.

            12.03.27 at 19.29

            • you get me so well – let me show you my words

              12.03.27 at 22.14

              • Oh show me baby, show me! 😛

                12.03.27 at 22.17

                • but my words are so large (unlike my penis), are you sure you’re up to it?

                  12.03.27 at 22.24

                  • HAHAHAHA OMG I FUCKIN LOVE YOU!!!
                    hmmhmm… I mean… the bigger the better!

                    12.03.27 at 22.30

  6. Gillian Colbert

    Happy new computer! Isn’t grand!

    12.03.27 at 19.10

    • my old computer feels so rejected tho

      12.03.27 at 19.20

  7. I have gotten to know that twisted mind of yours Kyle and could see something coming! Hahaha! Congrats on your new love.
    May your fingers always be light to the touch and may she always be responsive when you turn her on….

    12.03.27 at 18.33

    • turn her on? like it. what about when i plug in my dongle?

      12.03.27 at 19.21

  8. Congratulations!! 😀

    12.03.27 at 18.14


    Congrats, Sir!

    12.03.27 at 17.51

    • thanks brad – i was without a pc for nearly 24 hours, it fucking nigh on killed me

      12.03.27 at 17.56

  10. Anonymous

    I hope you two have a long and satisfying relationship.

    12.03.27 at 17.47

    • we better, she cost me enough

      12.03.27 at 17.48

  11. computer envy!

    12.03.27 at 17.46

    • my ex is furious and heartbroken – she is watching, discarded, from the corner of the room. i am so cruel

      12.03.27 at 17.47

      • she’s just a love machine, and she won’t work for nobody but you.

        12.03.27 at 17.51

        • she is all mine and i love her for that – i am very lucky that i have found someone real who loves me as much

          12.03.27 at 17.54

      • she’ll get over it.. perhaps when she’s repurposed for another. her insides ripped out and replaced with something newer… a mere replica of her original self. If that’s even possible. Or maybe … just a table.

        12.03.27 at 17.54

        • god, that’s so sad – i am so heartless, just chucking her out and replacing her with a brighter newer model

          12.03.27 at 17.59

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