Our day never came

I still keep missing her. I think I always will.

I’ve never had a “type” but if I did, I think it would have been Amy.

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  1. I miss her too. Weird how her death was so predictable and so shocking at the same time. Then again maybe death in general is like that.

    12.03.30 at 22.48

    • maybe life is like that – it scares me sometimes

      12.03.30 at 23.09

    • i get so sad when i remember she is gone – she was so beautiful and so talented – it hurts to see her smile in this video but i can’t stop watching it

      12.03.31 at 13.18

  2. Too sad, gone too young. 😦

    12.03.30 at 11.48

    • we missed her best years

      12.03.30 at 15.10

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  4. Gillian Colbert

    She was a phenomenal talent with a haunting voice. I didn’t discover her until recently, but I love her work.

    12.03.30 at 04.16

    • she was the best

      12.03.30 at 11.21

  5. Undoubtedly the voice of a million souls!

    12.03.30 at 02.27

    • indeed – thanks

      12.03.30 at 11.21

  6. I love that woman and I hate the fact that she’s gone. Those genie wishes I had a while back? I think I might use one to get her back here.

    12.03.30 at 01.24

    • if only you could

      12.03.30 at 11.21

  7. I Loved her voice. She is missed….

    12.03.30 at 00.33

    • she was unique

      12.03.30 at 11.21

  8. livrancourt

    You would have made a nice couple.

    12.03.30 at 00.02

    • i dream of her sometimes

      12.03.30 at 11.22

  9. too young.

    12.03.29 at 23.54

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