We have never

We have never met,
Never held hands,
Never walked along the beach
And pressed our toes in the sand.

We have only words
And occasionally skype,
But I feel your love
In every word you type.

I love you to death,
And I love you to bits.
It would be so sweet though
To come on your tits.

I want you right now,
I’m fed up with waiting,
Because internet love
Is just masturbating.


18 responses

  1. Nice… romantic AND perverse… beautiful. hehe

    12.04.01 at 17.02

    • thank you, that’s me all right a romantic pervert

      12.04.01 at 17.04

  2. What a naughty enchanting man!

    12.04.01 at 01.37

  3. Talk about foreplay eh!

    12.03.31 at 23.39

    • maybe there is something wrong with me but i could spend forever in foreplay

      12.03.31 at 23.41

      • Mmmm…yeah…just imagining where all that leads…so delicious.

        12.04.01 at 02.41

        • mouth wateringly so

          12.04.01 at 09.13

  4. Then again there is a lot to be said for masturbating.

    12.03.31 at 18.31

    • i hate to admit it, but it is my favourite hobby. sometimes i think of you and read your posts as i do it – does that make me a bad person?

      12.03.31 at 18.33

      • ….so long as you’re reading my posts, it’s fine by me. Just kidding. You are so far from a bad person…you don’t even know what bad people look like My Kyle!


        12.04.01 at 07.16

        • you say the sweetest things dawn and make my heart melt

          12.04.01 at 09.14

  5. This is definitely a tear-jerking-amongst-other–type-of-jerking, poem! 😀


    12.03.31 at 14.48

    • love your play on words there C thank you

      12.03.31 at 14.49

  6. snarkysnatch

    Holy Heartbreak on a cracker! If I were the miss I would be on a plane in an hour. That was fucking amazing. Wish American would use their heart to write as you do.

    12.03.31 at 14.37

  7. TheOthers1

    I hope you two get together.

    12.03.31 at 13.33

    • i hope so too because it will break my heart to never hold her hand.

      12.03.31 at 13.36

      • you would think so…but worse to have held it and lost it i think

        13.06.10 at 14.12

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