the only thing sexier than a woman touching herself is when she writes poetry about it

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  1. And to think that came about….while I could no longer help myself from a dip…
    As I felt a familiar warm drip…
    Bringing my fingers to my mouth… just a tiny sip
    Your very blog…makes me wanna take my hand on a trip….
    Imagining what it’d be like ….face to face … hip to hip….
    Sucking on those amazing and wanting lips….
    So yeah….I fucked myself …with only a fingertip
    Wondering while stroking yourself…how hard it is you grip….
    It’d be a delight to see….you watching my sultry smile as I pinch my nip.

    12.04.01 at 17.09

    • your poem arouses me so much
      i simply have to stop and touch
      your lines are quite perfect
      your syntax makes me erect
      your words give me such a thrill
      that over myself i must spill
      splashing warmly on my tum
      reading you as i come

      12.04.01 at 17.47

      • Mmmm…that’s sexy

        12.04.02 at 04.40

        • your poem was much better and much sexier

          12.04.02 at 10.15

          • No way ; >

            12.04.02 at 14.02

            • oh yes way – and if you could see what your poem did to me, and made me do, you would agree

              12.04.02 at 14.06

              • Oooooh…how nice of you to share that little fox bit with meee ¦ )

                12.04.02 at 15.38

                • a pleasure my treasure

                  12.04.02 at 15.38

                • grr…auto correct…hehe…fox is suppose to be tid

                  12.04.02 at 15.39

                  • hahaha – i had guessed

                    12.04.02 at 15.40

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