this is sweet and sexy and funny and beautiful – rather like its author

Alice Thierry

Dick     (I could not come up with another title.)

Ever changing you are
Sometimes so vulnerable
Soft, warm
Like a being newly born
Hairless and blind
Mute begging for attention
Love, or something like it.

At times you inspire in me
The need to protect you.

Sometimes so strong
Proud and glistening
Yet quite simple-minded really
Your determination can be bewildering.

Oh stiff and swollen member
Hunk’a hunk a’burnin’love
Working so hard
For a common cause
Between my thighs.

When you rise to the occasion
In opulent splendor
You provoke in me
Tearful bliss
And when you don’t
Although the deception
May be shared
The faults feels
Uniquely my own.

Your pearly eruptions
Pumping into me
Like a strong under current
Pull me under
Drowning in my own pleasure
The most beautiful death.

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