Ice cream, you scream

i nip down stairs in my bathrobe and buy two ice cream cones from the truck outside and come back up to the bedroom. i pretend not to let you have yours and we play wrestle for it. the ice cream, falls from the cone and lands in a big cold dollop between your breasts. you shriek and i laugh. i pin you to the bed and lick at the ice cream, feeling you wriggle under me “stop it you bastard!” you half laugh half scream. its all over my face and we kiss. i bury my head between your thighs and run my icy tongue up and down your heat, loving your giggles and pleas for me to stop. i look up and get the other cone shoved delightfully in my face. you laugh and laugh and we roll around covering ourselves in strawberry and vanilla and chillines. we laugh so much that we can barely kiss and when i slip my self into you we are still giggling and smirking, staring into each others eyes.

10 responses

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  2. Awww.
    I want.
    With someone.
    I miss.

    12.04.01 at 18.34

  3. I’m not washing the sheets. It’s your turn while I shower 😛

    12.04.01 at 14.56

  4. TheOthers1

    Yesss. Sexy and very sweet. 🙂

    12.04.01 at 12.34

    • that’s a better morning read, eh?

      12.04.01 at 12.36

      • TheOthers1

        much better, yes

        12.04.01 at 12.48

  5. Gillian Colbert

    That was lovely … *sigh*

    12.04.01 at 10.43

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