i am a puddle and you are the rain
fill my dripping soul with your tears
evaporate me
i welcome the pain

i am a leaf and you are the tree
shake me and blow me away
but never
ever set me free

i am the match but you are the flame
burn me and devour me
how i long
for that flickering pain

i am the paper and you are the pen
scrawl on me, tear me to shreds
and let me beg
for you to do it again

i am a bird and you are the sky
you engulf me and shatter my wings
it matters not
because you saw me fly

i am the tear and you are the eye
you wipe me away
but just to have been there
i’m happy to die

i am a puddle and you are the rain
fill me until i overflow
but remember me
and how i loved the pain

39 responses

  1. I loved that one. You RULE again!

    12.04.02 at 18.01

    • thank you – i adore you

      12.04.02 at 18.12

  2. Kyle! All your writings delight me! Bravo!

    12.04.02 at 17.33

    • thank you – you made my day

      12.04.02 at 17.38

  3. I am the reader and you are the poet
    Please keep dripping your thoughts
    Touch me
    As I sip my Moet

    12.04.02 at 05.27

    • that’s gorgeous, like you. thank you

      12.04.02 at 09.44

  4. I feel like this piece would be a uniquely designed, colorful stained glass window on a north facing wall, where it’s most vibrant colors could be seen just before the beginning of sunset..if you were building that is.

    12.04.02 at 05.07

    • what a beautiful think to say, i am seriously flattered.

      12.04.02 at 09.48

      • well sir, your words inspired that picture in my head. When I get that cable that transfers my mental images to the screen, we’ll only exchange visions.

        12.04.02 at 20.38

        • i did this for someone once – its that window – look from a distance or squint and you’ll see its actually a picture of me naked

          12.04.02 at 20.44

          • ok, seriously – is this related to the poem?? and did you create this in photoshop?
            The window is quite lovely, and has the perfect amount of asymmetrical design to be the one in my head. You added the extra spice of mystery though!

            12.04.02 at 21.41

            • i made the window in photoshop (well gimp) a while back and the two are not related.

              i can’t find your post on unrequited love any more – i loved it and wanted to comment and say this:

              “wow what you say is so true – unrequited love is perhaps the most beautiful form of love because it is so painful – any fool can love when they are loved back – its easy to love when that love makes you happy but when it hurts to love and you still do, that is special, that makes you deep”

              where did it go?

              12.04.02 at 21.44

              • ha ha and i don’t think you have actually realised that it is actually a picture of me naked lol

                12.04.02 at 21.46

              • its there now “for all the lovers on this plane” – I was coloring it and had premature publication

                12.04.02 at 21.49

  5. snarkysnatch

    My snatch leaves a puddle whenever I read your writing.

    12.04.02 at 02.35

  6. very nicely penned!

    12.04.02 at 02.28

  7. Kyle…

    First, let me say, you had me as soon as I saw the quote by Heinlein at the top of this page, one of my favorites for many years. Then I saw one of your post titles, “The silly little fuckers”, and without having to read it yet (I will) I clicked the Follow Button so I’ll see any new posts from now on…..

    Then I read the poem, and I simply must disagree with your self-assessment on this one. It’s bloody brilliant lad, with a very clean, simple style that lends a lot of feeling and honesty to the overall feel of it. It is very personal, reflective, and romantic without being sappy. And technically, it is not as weak as you might think; it is free verse, yes, but with a very consistent structure that holds throughout; I particularly liked the first and last verses in the same context. It tied the whole piece together with a very nice, sturdy bow…..

    I have read, and read, a LOT, of both poetry and prose, since I first started reading about 57 years ago… so I figure I’ve got a few critical props to lend weight to my opinion. (And, obviously, I’m modest as well….) I seldom use the word excellent to describe things I read, as that word is an essential part of my core beliefs about life and reality, but I will use it here. Excellent post, and I look forward to seeing more of your work as time goes on…. 🙂 Take care….

    12.04.01 at 22.27

    • thanks so much, your feedback is deeply appreciated, as is the time you spent replying – it really means a lot to me.

      12.04.01 at 22.35

  8. Me likes a lot! It’s so raw and emotional.

    12.04.01 at 22.12

    • it was written a while back – from a raw, emotional place – thanks

      12.04.01 at 22.13

  9. talesfromthelou

    Cool stuff

    12.04.01 at 21.17

  10. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    Reblogged this on ladybluerose and commented:
    So eerie in it’s balance of what was and what still feels within

    12.04.01 at 21.11

  11. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    this is very good, why do you say different?
    I am a novice, (or not even there LOls) no background in writing
    i do it because I hear those whispers sometimes…
    this is one I wish i had written…
    to me a balance of sad and joy of the experience…

    Thank you for sharing it


    12.04.01 at 21.02

    • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

      do you mind if i re-blog to my page?
      I’ld appreciate it…

      12.04.01 at 21.04

      • i’d love it if you did – i would be deeply flattered – thank you

        12.04.01 at 21.05

        • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

          so it be!

          Thank You!

          12.04.01 at 21.08

    • thank you so much

      12.04.01 at 21.12

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        LOLs no Thank you! I am liking the energy that flows between your words..
        Gaia is smiling on this one Kyle…


        12.04.01 at 21.16

  12. Nice bit of poetry Kyle! I really love the whole theme.

    12.04.01 at 19.53

    • aw thank you – its an old one

      12.04.01 at 20.02

      • It’s fantastic!

        12.04.01 at 20.05

        • thanks technically its not that good but i was in a really intense, fiery relationship and i think that comes across.
          luv u

          12.04.01 at 20.08

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