I want to touch you all the time

I want to touch you
all the time
and hold you and squeeze you.
I could spend all day,
every day,
all night too,
just stroking you
and looking at you.
I love to watch you come,
the way you quiver
and tremble.
I want to rub exotic oils
all over you
and spend hours
teasing you to climax.
I love you more than anything
or anyone I’ve ever known.
I so wish I could kiss you,
but you are not big enough
and my head wont
bend down that far.
Maybe if I took up yoga?

19 responses

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    LOLs! I did not see that one comin!


    12.04.03 at 05.27

    • glad it made you smile – and you can see me coming any time you like

      12.04.03 at 10.45

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        now that was a comeback LOLs

        Have a Great Day Kyle…..!

        12.04.03 at 14.35

  2. LMFAO I’m reading this thinking, “Aww, Kyle’s got such a sweet side to him, it’s adorable,” and then I get to the end and burst out laughing hard enough to spit my juice at the monitor. Thanks a lot!! πŸ˜›

    12.04.03 at 00.04

  3. Oh Lord haha GOOD ONE bud. πŸ™‚

    12.04.02 at 22.15

    • i knew you’d dig it the most man

      12.04.02 at 22.16

  4. Yoga RULES! You are the funniest Mr. Mew. However, I hear no hooves galloping in my direction! WTF??? Just kidding.

    Dawn, American at large

    12.04.02 at 17.34

    • and you are the sweetest miss dawn.
      i am still working on my horse riding skills, but fear not, one day i will come for you – or maybe just over you πŸ˜‰

      12.04.02 at 18.03

  5. The moment I read the first sweet lines I was so hoping for a “punny”, slightly twisted ending and you delivered!

    12.04.02 at 15.45

    • i’m so glad you enjoyed – i tried to hide the twist but you saw me coming, eh?
      (pun intended)

      12.04.02 at 16.33

  6. Ha!!!! Oh …that’s was Awesome

    12.04.02 at 15.32

    • I mean that…was Awesome

      12.04.02 at 15.33

      • i hope you didn’t see it coming (ooh that was a nasty pun, i just couldn’t help it)

        12.04.02 at 15.39

  7. TheOthers1

    hahaha. You cracked me up.

    12.04.02 at 14.45

  8. LOL!!

    12.04.02 at 14.16

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