The first butterfly of spring

Today I saw the first butterfly of spring,
It was small and white  and fragile,
The tiniest little thing.

My cat saw the first butterfly of spring.
It was small and white and fragile,
The tastiest little thing.

12 responses

  1. I had to laugh at that ending 😀 I mean, it’s tragic but…LOLLL

    12.05.03 at 00.25

  2. Hahahaha…No one realizes how deep this poem is or should I say limerick? The differing perspectives in life. One man’s meat……..poison… 😉

    12.04.03 at 07.34

    • thanks big guy – truly appreciate you brilliant comment

      12.04.03 at 10.53

  3. haha awesome!

    12.04.03 at 00.12

  4. Awww. Poor butterfly! 😦

    12.04.02 at 23.11

    • awww bless you

      12.04.02 at 23.20

  5. While I was driving to tennis this morning, I saw the most gorgeous red fox running down the sidewalk with his huge tail swishing behind him. In his clamped jaws was an enormous rabbit! We have so many in my yard, I wish he or she lived nearby!

    12.04.02 at 19.18

    • we have a lot of urban foxes in london – its only been the last ten years or so but they are a delight to see – thank you for your comment

      12.04.02 at 19.20

  6. Almost as traumatic as someone shooting the groundhog after he sees his shadow….lol.

    12.04.02 at 18.50

    • yes, haha – thank you

      12.04.02 at 18.55

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