Vagina diner

there is nothing that tastes finer
than a good vagina diner.
from the rooftops hear me shout,
“girl i wanna eat you out.

forget that meat injection
or your nasty yeast infection,
and do not think it wussy,
that i wanna taste your pussy.

how i wish that they made snacks
that tasted like your snatch.
The only problem that i’m havin’
is finding a word that rhymes with cunnilingus.

40 responses

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    was gonna write something new but couldn’t be fucked

    12.05.26 at 23.53

  2. eroticexploration

    Well according to the online rhyming dictionary the only word that rhymes with cunnilingus is… wait for it… *drum rolll*…. lingus.

    I ADORE the poem, and intrigued by the mind behind it 🙂

    12.05.04 at 20.43

    • you looked it up? why thank you
      i’m thrilled that you liked my silly poem, and if you wanna know more, just ask.

      12.05.04 at 21.24

      • eroticexploration

        Of course I looked it up, how could I resist?! I’ll have to do some more browsing later (I am worried my deliciously hot bubble bath running downstairs is about to overflow as I have been distracted by tantalising non-materialising penis pics etc etc)…

        12.05.04 at 21.55

        • you enjoy that bath and be sure to post about it – if you really wanna se a pic of my dic, and i am not one to say no, here is one:

          12.05.04 at 22.00

  3. Holy Shit! Really, truly, laughed out loud!

    12.04.10 at 12.41

    • i’m glad you did, i hope it wasn’t in public lol

      12.05.04 at 21.22

  4. Nothing rhythms with cunnilingus…nothing even comes close!

    Bisous My Fave,

    12.04.05 at 14.59

    • How clever – brilliant!
      thank you dawn
      ~ k )

      12.04.05 at 15.01

  5. wandaXmaximoff

    Awesome poem! The last line gave me a good giggle!

    12.04.04 at 18.41

    • glad to hear – still haven’t found a rhyme tho

      12.04.04 at 18.48

  6. Found you via @DirtyLittleW blog .. absolutely love this poem ! It’s wicked ! and so good to see a man vocalize his thoughts the way you do (been reading your comments on her A to Z posts)

    If you ever need someone to PR the frozen Vagina Dinners – I’ll be more than happy to help you out 🙂 hehehe

    12.04.04 at 18.34

    • DLW is awesome, isn’t she?

      hehehe indeed
      you are terribly sweet
      to say that
      and have made my day complete

      12.04.04 at 18.47

  7. *GRINS*

    12.04.04 at 18.27

    • that an upstairs grin or a downstairs grin?

      12.04.04 at 18.28

  8. Hehe I love this!

    12.04.04 at 09.26

  9. Eating out. Dining in. This is so dirty I like it. Damn good!

    12.04.03 at 23.18

    • thanks so much – funny how you can get away with being dirty so much more when it rhymes lol

      12.04.04 at 02.10

  10. Hahahaha oh fuckaroony, this rocks! I bloody tears streaming down my face right now.
    I wonder how rich you’d be if you could figure out a way to mass produce frozen vagina dinners. I mean… you could even sell them as low-cal diet food right? There’s got to be a HUGE market for such a thing.

    12.04.03 at 20.09

    • its true, you can eat out all you like and its all calorie free

      12.04.03 at 20.15

      • Right? Fuck, I’m still laughing about this… you’ve got the most fantastic mind luv.

        12.04.03 at 20.18

  11. vagina diner – brilliant 🙂
    and damn, now I will obsess until I find a word that rhymes with cunnilingus…

    12.04.03 at 19.22

    • glad you enjoyed – good luck, let me know, i couldn’t

      12.04.03 at 20.13

  12. snarkysnatch

    OMG! Hahaha! Perfect pairing with my blog article today.

    12.04.03 at 14.56

  13. Not a fan of vagina, but I am a fan of this poem!

    12.04.03 at 14.46

  14. TheOthers1

    I don’t think there is a word that rhymes with cunnilingus. Lol.

    12.04.03 at 14.18

    • i know, its a bit of a tongue twister, isn’t it?

      12.04.03 at 14.22

  15. Ha….The vagina diner!!!

    12.04.03 at 14.15

    • i have been reading too much snarkysnatch i think

      12.04.03 at 14.16

  16. redwheelbarrow1957

    fun among us?
    hon let’s wing this?
    come on ping this?
    just one sing this?

    12.04.03 at 14.12

  17. Word!

    12.04.03 at 14.09

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