A quick check

I thought I was going to have to get new glasses – but it turns out that I just needed to clean my computer screen.

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  1. I can so relate… when I was younger I did something really retarded that led to me having a blackish dot in the corner of my sight for a couple of years… last week I thought it was back…. turned out I just had a bit of something or other on my monitor.

    12.04.05 at 20.53

  2. I tagged you on my site:


    I tagged you in a blog game I was invited to play in. I know you don’t play these, but I thought I’d tempt you anyways. I like it when you give me little glimpses into that cool psyche of yours…lol!

    — Bird

    12.04.04 at 18.15

    • ok – this once? 🙂
      and i’m only tagging one person
      i loved what you said about me btw
      thank you

      12.04.04 at 18.20

      • Oh My God!! You Rule!

        I can’t wait….lol!!!

        12.04.04 at 18.26

        • and thank you for facebook fail too

          12.04.04 at 18.27

          • That site cracks me up several times a day.. 🙂

            12.04.04 at 18.31

      • You’re welcome, btw…I meant every word!

        12.04.04 at 18.30

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