I was tagged by the amazing Bird, the author at Everyone Has A Story, and although I don’t do this shit normally, I do like getting my dick out in public. So here you go guys and gals, have another look.

1. Describe yourself in 7 words.
shallow/deep – happy/sad – loving/loved – horny

2. What keeps you up at night?
the bloody neighbours

3. Who would you like to be?
who i am

4. What are you wearing right now?
i so wanted to say “nothing”, that i took off my “unfuck the world” t-shirt, my orange combats and my doc marten boots, just so i can say “NOTHING!

5. What scares you?
you do, and i do. sometimes everything and sometimes nothing.
seriously tho, losing those i love.

6. The best and worst of blogging.
best: masturbating over all your gravatar pics.
worst: having to read the shit you all write.

7. The last website I visited.
but that’s a lie… it was:
even that’s a lie… it was:
and even that is a lie. i have to admit that it was:
my girlfriend’s blog.

8. What is one thing I would change about myself?
 i think, my ego: sometimes when i’m making love to a beautiful woman, i close my eyes and imagine i’m masturbating.

9. Slankets. Yes or No?
never! fucking shoot me if you ever see me in one of those things.
(what’s a slanket?)

10. Tell us something about the person that tagged you.
how should i know? its not like i read her blog or anything.
seriously tho: i have not known bird for very long, but she seems like someone who thinks and feels deeply. her blog shows a real understanding of herself and others, and although i secretly long for her to write something downright filthy, i still love her blog for its open and honest delights. follow it now before i have you killed.

I’m supposed to tag ten people. Fuck that! I’d tag one and that’d be Robin of My Own Fucked Up Universe, but I know she doesn’t read my stuff, and I’d only wanna know the answers to 4 and 7.

20 responses

  1. Oh yes…this was fun to read!

    12.04.23 at 01.26

    • fun to write too – i so love exposing myself and being vulnerable – especially to you

      12.04.23 at 01.48

      • Kyle Kyle *smirks*Kyle…such a way with words : P

        12.04.23 at 02.38

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  4. LMFAO!!! Ya… why would she read your stuff? She’s WAY too cool for all that. 😛
    4 and 7 hmm? Let’s see here…
    4) A towel… I got out of the shower like 45 minutes ago, and I’m still too lazy to go get dressed!
    7) https://www.google.ca/search?q=piratebay&rls=com.microsoft:en-ca:IE-Address&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7SUNA_en… because I fell off the wagon and now I can’t seem to catch back up to it to climb back on.

    I LOVE your #3 answer!! Bestest answer ever!

    12.04.05 at 21.05

    • goodo – and i love your number 7

      12.04.06 at 01.16

  5. That was FANTASTIC!

    12.04.05 at 12.07

    • i’m thrilled that you think so
      thank you

      12.04.05 at 12.10

  6. I loved number 8. You crack me up Kyle.

    12.04.05 at 06.08

    • glad i made you smile

      12.04.05 at 10.25

  7. lol..I loved it! Just like I suspected, it was honesty, deception, and horny, all rolled up in a perfect little wad!!

    Thanks for the cool compliments about my blog. But I especially like that you threatened people’s very LIVES if they didn’t check it out…It brought a tear to my eye. I love a good threat…

    As for the filthy stuff, I’ll work on it… 🙂

    12.04.04 at 20.31

    • i look forward to reading it and thanks for appreciating my ‘perfect little wad’

      12.04.04 at 20.34

      • 🙂 Nothing like a perfect little wad, I always say!

        12.04.04 at 20.38

  8. Amazing!

    12.04.04 at 20.22

    • really? nah. but wtf, i’m tagging you too now

      12.04.04 at 20.28

      • Bring it on, I can handle it! You’re so intrinsic!

        12.04.04 at 20.35

  9. Haha this cheered me up! Fabulous answers

    12.04.04 at 20.20

    • i dunno about fabulous but it was fun to do
      tagged you little m

      12.04.04 at 20.29

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