wow – this guy can really write

– thanks to lm

Mike is happy.

And yes, young man, I do think it’s funny. When you’re grown and out and paying your own way, you can write about whatever you please.

And then there she was.

Just a minute earlier, she didn’t even exist, at least not in his world. And then the next minute – right now – she was his world. (Or, you know, whatever. If you asked him.)

She was just standing there, as if she were a regular person or something. Leaning there the way a regular person leans when she leans right there against the stacks between Comparative Sino-American Literature and Self-Help. And no, he had no idea what a “Sino” was  –  mostly on account of being thirteen-and-a-half, and really, how can you actually help yourself? Or do they mean help yourself to, like, another helping of that sweet potato thing with the marshmallows? Probably…

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  1. Wow. Thanks for that.

    12.04.05 at 16.52

    • thanks for the great piece of writing

      12.04.05 at 16.57

  2. Really good writing- thank you for sharing

    12.04.05 at 16.51

    • always a pleasure

      12.04.06 at 00.59

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