Think of yourself
As a pan of water
And me as the fire
Of the stove underneath.
Softly I lick you,
Slowly you feel
Little ripples of heat
Scampering through you.

The window wide open,
And cold morning air
Wafts gently across you
In icy contrasts.
The heat growing stronger,
Rising up through you,
You roll like an ocean
In long slow convulsions.

Bubbles now swarming
Through you and up you,
Stinging and bursting
On your surface in gasps.
The bubbles now grow
In size and in number,
You pop and you fizzle
And writhe and spit steam.

You rise up again,
You have no control,
And you spill and you burst
Out of the pan
In long, thick cascades,
Screaming my name,
You fizz and you gurgle
And froth down the sides.

We lie there quite still
Just trembling slightly,
I am extinguished
And you are quite empty.
Somebody calls
From a kitchen somewhere,
“Mum has forgotten
To turn the stove off again.”

8 responses

  1. unreal what you can do when in the ‘right’ mood. truly is

    13.06.10 at 14.40

  2. Perfection dear sir!

    12.04.05 at 21.16

    • why thank you madam

      12.04.06 at 00.58

      • Really… LOVED this one!

        12.04.06 at 00.59

        • thank you muchly

          12.04.06 at 01.00

          • You’re welcome muchly.
            Wordpress just went German on me for a minute… either I’m losing my mind, or wordpress is on crack today.

            12.04.06 at 01.01

  3. Looks like I need to excuse myself and head to the bathroom. Again.

    12.04.05 at 17.16

    • then my job here is done
      thank you and have fun

      12.04.05 at 17.19

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